Forging an Elite Fetus: 4th month

Blog I wrote for on January 25, 2011…

Ah, the sweet challenge of a new human being entering your CrossFit lifestyle.  As everyone knows, I’m pregnant and due to have a sweet little miss on or around May 15.  Many of you have asked questions, guys and girls alike, about how exactly this whole CrossFit thing works while you’re pregnant.  Well, I’m here to hopefully shed some light on being a preggo CrossFitter.  Remember to keep in mind, this is my experience only and every woman has a different experience during their pregnancy.
Weeks 13-16 of pregnancy make up the fourth month [aka the first month in the second trimester].  During my fourth month, my struggles included a changing body, eliminated movements, and bathroom breaks.  First, the ever-changing bod.  While most women start showing a baby belly during this month, I really didn’t.  As awesome as it sounds that my stomach wasn’t stretching and nearly no one could tell I was pregnant, it’s hard to get people to understand just how different you feel and all the changes happening internally when there isn’t obvious physical proof.  While I wasn’t gaining any inches around my waist, I was gaining up top [hallelujah!].  As much as I love that part, having my chest grow so much in such a little amount of time was quite the challenge when it came to jump roping and running.  Oh well, I’ll take all the good with the bad, right?
Eliminated movements during my fourth month consisted of anything that puts me on my back or on my stomach during the movement – bench press, bottom half of the turkish getup, back extensions, sit ups, etc.  I can’t be on my stomach for obvious reasons, but not being on my back was new to me.  I asked my doctor and he informed me that when I was on my back, my uterus presses on the vein that sends blood from my lower body to my heart… so, lying on my back could interfere with the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta and babe which could cause both of us to pass out.  No more convincing needed after that explanation!  I have to say, I hated giving up sit-ups but I scaled to toes-to-bar which was fine with me; the more ab work, the better!
And, my far-increased need for bathroom breaks.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to suddenly have to go to the bathroom every five minutes at the gym.  I worked really hard at holding it, but still had to make a run for it every 15 minutes, or so… unless there was jump rope, running, deadlifts, toes-to-bar, or squats involved – then I couldn’t help it!  So, forgive me ladies if you went to the bathroom and found no TP… I plan on restocking CFKT soon.
In addition to a few struggles, I had some great CrossFit moments in the fourth month, too.  This month was a big turnaround for me as I was feeling so much better and really getting comfortable in my own expanding skin at the gym!  Because I felt like I was really getting the hang of what my body wanted and needed, I was able to push myself and do many of the WOD’s Rx, something I was a bit scared of doing in the first trimester.  I also got a lot of my energy back, and I continued to stay on track with my doctor’s weight-gain plan.
I want to extend a sincere thank you to those of you who have been asking about the pregnancy and how I’m feeling.  I know it’s foreign territory to most of us, but it means the world to me to know my CFKT family is thinking about me during this awesome life-changing time.  Now I just can’t wait until it’s you or your wife’s turn to have a sweet little babe!  The programming will be awesome.  ;c)
Heartburn sucks,
Coach E$/ Erin/ Mama