Forging an Elite Fetus: 8th month

Blog I wrote for on May 3, 2011…

Ah, the sweet challenge of a new human being entering your CrossFit lifestyle.  As everyone knows, I’m pregnant and due to have a sweet little miss on or around May 15 [so soon – eeeeekk!].  Many of you have asked questions, guys and girls alike, about how exactly this whole CrossFit thing works while you’re pregnant.  Well, I’m here to hopefully shed some light on being a preggo CrossFitter.  Remember to keep in mind, this is my experience only and every woman has a different experience during their pregnancy.
Weeks 32-36 make up the 8th month of pregnancy and, oh girl, is this when things really changed for me and I officially felt like a pregnant woman!  Not only was I full-blown in the belly enhancement stage of pregnancy, but my ankles started disappearing and I needed larger shoes, my belly button popped, and I had put on 20 lbs. of love.
If I wasn’t going to the bathroom for a #1 break, I was thinking about it.  Our sweet little miss loves to hang out on my bladder and the constant movement at Ktown doesn’t exactly help the situation.
My out-of-breathness [yes, I made up that word] continued and it started to feel wildly uncomfortable going below parallel on squats, although that still hasn’t stopped me from having good depth.
Rowing, something I thought I could do with no problem the entire time during my pregnancy, became much more difficult as I was needing far more frequent breaks and I was no longer able to have nice, long strides anymore.
As I’m sure you can imagine, this was really tough on me at the gym.  Watching all of the Sectionals competitors complete their weekly WOD was difficult knowing that pre-mama-status, I really could have helped the team out.  But, I’m preparing for a far more difficult and rewarding WOD, so I never let it get to me too much.  Plus, Team Jacked & Tan is rocking it… they don’t need my help, anyways.
Okay, back to working out – despite the reality that most movements were disappearing from my workout regimen at Ktown, I could still rely on my sweet ‘ol double-unders and press/push press.
Although it took me a little longer than usual, I managed to do 25 kipping pull-ups – something I was quite proud of considering it was my goal to make it to month 7 still doing unassisted pull ups [and I never actually thought I would make it that far].
I can’t tell you how excited Ben and I are about how much our life is going to change in such a spectacular and exhausting way.  This little lady is going to bring so much joy to our lives and all of the swelling, lack of o-lifts, heartburn, and back pain is totally worth it to be able to hold her in our arms.  We already love her so much and absolutely cannot wait for you all to meet her!
Until next time – and perhaps I’ll write my 9 month blog from the delivery room…
Coach E$ Mama