Happy two-week birthday… to mommy & daddy!

Teigan’s first boat ride!
Hard to believe Teigan is two weeks old as of today – and the fact that I’m finally jumping on the blog bandwagon; something I’ve been threatening to do for several months now.  Anyways, Teigan is such a dollface <insert sarcasm> and decided to give me a present on her special two weeks birthday… three hours of sleep.  Rough night for mommy and daddy, to say the least.

It’s probably because she was up all night thinking about what a fantastic weekend we just had.  Not only did Great Grandpa Dick come visit, but so did Uncle Zach!  We all had a great, relaxing Memorial Day weekend at the lakehouse and did all of the essentials!  This mostly includes gorging ourselves, basking in the sunshine, catching up on trashy magazines [okay… that’s just me], and our new pastimes – starring at Teigan, getting some much needed catch-up zzz’s with Teigan, and thinking about how soon we can have Teigan swimming across the lake.  

She thoroughly enjoyed herself with so many people on deck to hold her, rock her, and play with her.  If only I could hire these people to come hang with me every day so I could get a few things done.  I had no idea that nursing, burping, rocking, and repeat would take all day long!  So much for having a spotless home, dinner ready at 7p, and finally watching that Netflix movie we’ve had for three weeks now… hmph.  I’ll figure it out, right?  Or, at the very least, Teigan will get back on her six-hour sleep patterns sometime in the next few weeks… right?… I mean, right??
Ben & Teigan taking a much needed nap

PS – I just posted all of my “Forging an Elite Fetus” blog series postings below that I wrote for my CrossFit box, CrossFit Ktown, as I’m sure I’ll be referring to my workout’s post-babe frequently on here… you know, once downstairs is healed up.  ;c)