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First babysitter!

Since my 24th birthday happened for the 5th time on Monday [muahaha], Ben set up a surprise birthday dinner and had a babysitter all set up for us that evening.  We had an absolutely fabulous time at Northshore Brasserie.  It was weird, however, being away from Teigan for the first time.  I felt like I was missing an appendage and I decided that it was probably the lack of a burp cloth.  I was so thankful for the time alone with Ben, though, so thank you Grandma and Uncle Grandpa [Ben’s dad’s new name for himself.  Incestuous-sounding much?]!  We owe them big-time!
I was also sung happy birthday by several uber-talented friends on the phone [ha!] and by my co-workers.  I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days as the Dogwood Arts staff retreated to the lakehouse for a couple days worth of brainstorming, problem-solving, and bonding.  We had a great time and got quite a bit accomplished.  I tell ya, it’s nice being in the middle of nowhere on an absolutely gorgeous lake with no sense of time, no cell or internet service, and tons of alcohol… oh, and birthday cake.

Exciting times coming up!

Hoolie in her standard sleep position as of late. Tired much?

We’re so excited around here; we can hardly sleep!  Fortunately for us, Teigan is excited, but she’s still managing to get her 6+ hours of zzz’s every night.  We’ve got quite the slew of visitors coming this week – whoohoo!  Uncle Matt, Uncle Zach, Auntie Kat, Grammie, and G-Daddy are all coming in to relax in KnoxVegas [and at the lake, of course] for the 4th of July week/weekend.  Looks like Mommy and Daddy will have several days of leasing out T to multiple family members while we sneak away to go swimming, get a little sun, workout, and get some good reading time in.

I guess that means Hoolie and Rica are off babysitting duties while everyone is here.  Not gonna lie; I think that might upset them.  They are in loooove with T.  So much so that lately they’ve gone from making out with her feet, to making out with her mouth.  That, my friends, is where I draw the line.  Unfortunately it’s usually a little too late…  At the ripe age of nearly six weeks old, Teigan has already played tonsil hockey.  Sorry, Ben.

TMI :: Boobie Report

Our strong little lady!

Warning: viewer discretion advised

Well, I’m just going to go for it and tell it like it can be, but hopefully won’t for all of you moms-to-be out there.  I don’t want to scare any of you, but, since no one told me anything about nursing/pumping and the not-so-pleasant issues that can occur [and do actually occur way more frequently than one would imagine], I will.

I think women are scared to talk about their problems with breastfeeding because it makes them feel as if they’re a failure.  There’s so much hype and concern about if and how much a woman is breastfeeding when she has a baby.  I swear, people at the grocery store ask me if I’m nursing.  It’s so none of their business, but people have this weird yearning to know – and judge.  All of these same curious people [including family and friends], though, either don’t know or have chosen not to fill you in on the discomfort, time, and hassle that breastfeeding and breast pumping can take.  While formula has come a long way and is absolutely a great alternative for those folks that breastfeeding just doesn’t work for, breast milk is definitely the best thing for your baby.  Not to mention, breastfeeding is clearly cheaper [ummm, free] and a natural process… or is it?

Teigan immediately latched and we had no problems with nursing the first week.  Besides being a little awkward, it was actually quite pleasant.  Then, on day 8, for no reason that I’m aware of, she completely stopped latching.  I started fretting, sweating, and dreading when the time came around for her to wake up and eat every few hours.  After 45 minutes of me attempting to get her to latch, she finally would, but by that time, we were both irritable, hot, annoyed, and covered in milk.  Sorry, dudes.  About this same time, I noticed a small bump in my breast that felt like a cyst.  I assumed that this was a clogged milk duct [which happens all the freaking time, but, shocking, no one ever mentioned it to me] and that it would go away in a few days.  I called lactation consultants, nurses, pediatricians, and did some online searching to see how to rid myself of it.  I can’t say I did the best job with trying to get rid of this problem, but only because it was time consuming – a hot commodity I didn’t have.

Fast forward three weeks.  My breast now has a 2” round ball of something in my left boob-ster and it’s becoming increasingly painful.  Ben was on my arse to be more adamant about trying to fix the “clogged milk duct” with warm compresses, hot showers, massage, etc.  The more I did this, the worse it got.  So, Thursday morning I talked to my doc and he had his office make an appointment for me to see a breast specialist.  I was so relieved as I had started to freak myself out that this was something far worse than what we were thinking.  Then, Thursday night, within about 30 minutes, everything changed. Suddenly I had a 102 degree fever, I was shaking all over while on the floor of the shower with the hottest water pouring on me, and couldn’t lift my left arm.  It felt like the flu times a million… but worse.

So, fast forward again to Friday afternoon… I spent three hours at Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center due to, what turns out to be, an abscess in my left breast.  Yes, totally painful, but mostly totally disgusting when you think about it.  Turns out a clogged milk duct became infected, I probably had mastitis [an infection which, as I have learned, is also quite common] a couple of times but did nothing about it [hellooo stubborn redhead], and it turned into this.  I’m now on antibiotics that are completely safe for Teigan, so I’m still able to give her breast milk.  Hopefully this will all be cleared up in a couple weeks; fingers crossed and prayers are welcome.

I didn’t write this TMI post for any reason other than to let all of you soon-to-be-mommy’s or the ones planning on having kids in the future that things happen with nursing.  It isn’t always easy and, based off my experience, people won’t tell you that beforehand.  If you are ever in actual severe pain [not discomfort], you are bleeding or develop scabs, please [for my sake] call a lactation consultant and your doctor.  Don’t let it get to the point that I did.  I feel like I’ve gone to hell and back a few times with this whole process and I would do it again in a heartbeat for my little girl, but it doesn’t have to be the hard journey that I’ve taken.  Thankfully for me, lessons learned and this journey with #2 [in a few years, of course], will be far easier.

And on that note, it’s time for T to eat… Peace, Love, and Happy, Healthy Boobies!


Miss Newborn Smile USA

Our little lady has been smiling since day one, but obviously that was mostly involuntary.  Well, not anymore, ladies and gentlemen!  She completely responds to both Ben and I and it is, hands down, the coolest thing that’s happened in this crazy journey thus far.  For the past four days, the poor girl has been hassled by both of us to keep on smiling.  I’m surprised she isn’t completely worn out by it yet.  Ben told me that she was just on the verge of a little laugh this morning.  Ohmygosh, we can’t wait ’til she giggles!  As if we aren’t wrapped enough already…

Precious in pink

What. A. Night!

So Mother Nature hasn’t exactly been loving East Tennessee [or much of the country, actually] these past few months.  Everyone who knows me understands that I completely operate off of the weather.  If it’s sunny and clear, I’m the happiest girl on Earth – a land full of sunshine and lollipops.  If it’s rainy, I want to crawl in a hole, eat far too many 3 Musketeers, and cry until my ducts dry up.  Let’s just say I’ve been eating more chocolate than usual lately.  

Well, last night, right as Teigan passed out from a case of what I like to call milk drunk, and prime-time TV was starting, bam!, the power goes out.  Trees are falling everywhere and I’m certain that our roof, along with the dozens of very mature trees in our yard, won’t make it through the storm.  

Fast forward three hours.  Ben gets home from the cooking class at his business, Avanti Savoia, he adheres his headlamp to his head, and gets to the diaper explosion that occurred in Teigan’s onesie… for the second time in one day.  The first time was several hours earlier [pre-storm destruction] and happened while we were out on our walk and, upon discovery, I got to scrub the car seat.  Anyways, score one for me for that sweet Christmas stocking gift I got Ben a few years ago.  That headlamp saved our life… and Teigan’s clean sheets.

Fast forward 10 more hours and the power is still out.  I’m in a panic because, of all things in our fridge, my blessed breast milk is in there.  For the love!  It absolutely, positively cannot go bad.  Does Mother Nature [and our power company] know how long and hard I’ve been working on the stockpile?!  This is more precious than all the stilettos in the world!  Fortunately my in-law’s power came back on early this morning so I was able to gather it all up and store it in their fridge until our power came back on a couple hours ago.  Phew!  I thought I was going to have a meltdown there for a while.

Gotta go… chocolate is calling my name.  What?  It may not be raining, but it’s been a stressful past 18 hours!

The Ultimate Procrastinator

Well, Miss T is five weeks old now [seriously… already!?] and I see have yet to send out birth announcements.  Am I horrible, or just a terrible procrastinator?  I seem to have picked up this habit ever since we brought the little lady home.  I have been staring at the baby book for four and a half weeks now and haven’t written down a thing.  The additional basement storage shelves that Ben finished off a couple weeks ago still sit empty with everything that needs to go on them sitting in a pile on the floor.  The recipes I’ve been trying to organize and get together are still sitting on the coffee table.  And I still need to clean the couch upholstery.  Oh, and I really need to put those damned glass doorknobs on the doors upstairs.

Well, I’m bound and determined to get the announcements together today, you know, before she turns three!  I’ll save the picture we’re choosing to use, but here are some other shots to give you a little taste of what you’ll be seeing.  Uncle Zach took some pictures on Memorial Day weekend when Teigan was nearly two weeks old.  Fortunately, Zach woke up out of a drunken slumber to take pictures for us, but unfortunately, T decided she was going to be fussy the entire time the camera was on her.  Like father, like daughter.  Ready, set, shoot…

PS :: Uncle Zach is available for birthday parties, weddings, and bar mitzvah’s…

Daddy’s Day!

Heart her

We had a wonderful first Father’s Day yesterday!  It consisted of being super-duper lazy at the lake while the thunderstorms were a brewin’.  We spent the entire morning and afternoon reading, eating, and hanging with Ben’s parents.  

Last night we came home and I spent the entire evening in the kitchen while Ben relaxed with T on the couch watching movies I would ordinarily make him turn off [muahaha].  Per Ben’s request, I made a slew of sausage and egg bakes so we had them ready for breakfast these next couple of weeks, paleo pizza for dinner, and paleo brownies for dessert.  YUM!

Teigan is so lucky to have Ben as her daddio.  I’m positive she’ll love all of his funny jokes, big biceps, and passion for fixing everything in sight… well, until she hits the ripe age of 12 and everything he does is utterly annoying and embarrassing.  No, our little girl will neeever feel that way… well, one can hope, right?

Hard to believe this was 34 days ago…

Back to CrossFit!

Such a fitting caption on the plyo box!

I can’t even express how stinkin’ awesome it was to get back to the gym this morning!  We got a great little family workout in and Teigan looked like she felt right at home.  Score!  I only did body weight movements – abmat sit-ups, push ups, air squats, and pull-ups – but it was fabuloso!  Don’t get me wrong, my abs, quads, and biceps are already sore, but it hurts sooo good!  Crossfit Ktown, see ya next week!  ;c)

One month old!

Blue eyes!… well, today, anyways…

Good news all around today as both Teigan and I had our one-month check-up’s today.  We had some major nursing issues, but stuck with it and T has gained weight and is up to 8 lbs., 6 oz as of today – her one month birthday!  She’s also gained 1/4″ in height, so she’s up to 21 1/4″.  Let’s hope she keeps on growing and is tall like Daddy.  Lord knows we don’t want her having to grow up short and squatty like her Mommy.

I got the news I’ve been waiting for since May 17… I can workout again!  YAY!  It’ll be a slow start and take a while to get back where I was, but I am so stoked!  Hellooo Saturday class at Crossfit Ktown tomorrow!  Oh, I how I have missed thee…

And now, my best attempt to take some pictures for photo documentation of Teigan’s one-month birthday.  She totally wasn’t having it…

Love her crying heart…

Long, stellar legs just like [2nd] cousin Haely!

A Couple First-timers!

We’ve had so much fun these past couple of days with Little GG, Big GG, and my Mom in town.  We couldn’t help but look at some property while they’re here in hopes that they will all eventually move to good ‘ol KnoxVegas.  I’m working on recruiting all of us former obsessive Texan’s…

Hanging out in her car seat at Cafe 4

Anyways, last night we had a couple of first’s for the lady.  While Teigan and I go on almost daily walks outside and we’ve made several outings to the grocery store, Target, etc., we still hadn’t been out to a restaurant.  So last night, we all went out to eat at Cafe 4 in Market Square with Doug and Kathy, Ben’s parents.  As suspected, it went perfectly.  I’m sure everyone around us was thinking Oh crap, we’re going to have this terribly adorable baby crying baby disrupt our entire dinner with shrieking, but she proved them wrong!  Atta’ girl.

Grandma and Teigan in Market Square

When we got home, we decided we would go ahead and give Teigan her first proper bath.  We’ve given her several sponge baths, but no full-on bath since her umbilical cord fell off a few weeks ago.  She started off loving it and then, of course, as soon as Mom went to grab the camera, she started screaming bloody murder.  We gave her a passy in hopes of getting a semi-decent shot, and it seemed to work.

First bath!

Don’t worry, Teigan, we got full shots without any washcloth-cover-ups, and your Dad fully intends on showing them to every boy that shows up at our front door to take you out.  You know, when you turn 30 and you’re allowed to date…

Two-year CrossFit birthday – and I can’t wait to get back!

It’s been exactly one month today since I last did CrossFit.  That was three days before I gave birth [one day before my due date], and the anticipation of getting back to Crossfit Ktown is absolutely killing me.  Thankfully my one-month checkup with the doc is Friday, so hopefully he’ll give me the good news that I can get back to WOD’s and o-lifting!  

To give you a little bit of background, Ben and I are coming up on our two-year CrossFit birthday in less than two weeks.  It all started in June 2009 when Ben’s soccer buddy announced he was starting up a CrossFit gym.  Ben, being the unbelievably sweet [and crazy handsome] man he is, went to their soft opening to support him.  Ben was blown away by the success that some of the folks had experienced doing this type of workout for the several weeks prior so, for my birthday, Ben got us both a three-month membership.  Best. Gift. Ever!

Long story short, we had every intention of learning everything we needed to in those three months and then continuing to CrossFit at home.  24 months later… we are addicted and we just can’t leave.  Not only do we love the way we feel, but we look better, eat better, and have made some incredible friends.

In my opinion, there’s no better way to inspire Teigan to live a healthy, active lifestyle than showing her how to.  That’s why we’re already working on her pull-ups so she can get into the Guinness Book of World Records for “Youngest Female to do a Muscle-up.”  You think I’m kidding?  Think again…

So, let’s all cross our fingers [and toes in your Vibram’s] that I get the green flag to get back to CFKT next week!  I hope I don’t leak through my tank-top…

First Road Trip!

We had quite the weekend!  It was full of family, totally not-paleo food [for me], baby-staring, and me breast-pumping in the backseat [I’m so classy!  At least, I’m sure the 18-wheeler drivers thought so].  

Ummm, precious in G-Daddy’s sunglasses

The weekend started when we arrived in Atlanta Friday evening.  We spent time with family and Ben and I got a break while every family member held Teigan.  I wasn’t sure we would get our daughter back…

On Saturday, we woke up to discover that Teigan won a special award that was displayed at the front desk.  Yeah, we know people… ahem, thanks, Dad aka G-Daddy.  

Meanwhile, my brother, Matt, and his girlfriend, Sara, joined us for laying around outside pre-wedding.  Uncle Matt fell completely in love with his new niece.  I’m pretty sure he’s got baby fever now… as long as baby fever doesn’t require diaper changing.

Aren’t they totally ready for babies?  I think yes.

My cousin, Catherine, got married outside of Atlanta on Saturday afternoon in an absolutely beautiful ceremony with a reception at a super cute indoor/outdoor spot.  Ben spent most of the reception hanging out with the band dancing with Teigan.  So stinkin’ cute.

The family post-ceremony

The original four-some

Saturday also happened to be my grandma’s 80th birthday!  It was certainly a day for many celebrations!

Unfortunately, we had to part ways on Sunday morning with Dad heading back to Houston, Matt back to Austin, and Sara back to Dallas.  Mom, Big GG [Earl], and Little GG [Marilyn] will be spending the next few days with us this week before heading back to Houston and New York.  So fun having all four generations of ladies together!

Grammy, Teigan, Mommy, and Little GG

Teigan was so well-behaved all weekend long, I’m pretty sure we’ll keep her… ;c)

Our other children

Hoolie relaxing at the lake

Rica and her teeth-y smile

Hoolie and Rica… the center of our world – pre-Teigan.  We recently celebrated their two-year Adoption Day and, while we love these four-legged ladies more than anything, but unfortunately they’ve taken a backseat to their newest two-legged sister.  We are so proud of them, though.  Both of them have turned into uber-protectors of T and have really taken to her.  Hoolie and Rica give Teigan kisses [highly recommended by this awesome parent] and don’t seem to care when she runs into a crying fit.  In fact, they surround her in a very loving way to make sure she’s okay.  

We did a good job with Hoolie and Rica… now if only we could get Teigan to squat in the yard and get interested in a rawhide…

Photos courtesy of THE Uncle Zach

We’re going to market!

Our first banana pepper of the season!

Ben may be a lot of things – a hot husband, fabulous father, wonderful chef, great CrossFitter, smart businessman, and talented soccer player – but gardening enthusiast?  

I can’t keep a plant alive, indoors or out, and yes, I have a child now [scary!], but Ben just loves planting things outdoors.  Especially sunflowers, veggies, herbs, and fruit.

Unfortunately, some pesky little things are eating our strawberries, but here’s our first piece for the pickin’ of the season – a delightful looking banana pepper!  Farmer’s Market, here we come!

New zzz record… for now

First of all, for those of you who watched The Bach last night… whaaaat?  I mean, Ashley may not be my favorite ‘ette of all time, but there are some serious lame-o’s this season.  Poor girl.  At least she’s had some quality dudes there to hang with, ya know, like Bentley.  Oh, wait…

Secondly, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. SarahDye Greer!  :c)  Ben, T, and I so wish we could have been there to celebrate the big day with Sarah and Mark, but thankfully Ashley made us feel like we were there ourselves.  Excellent Don’t Stop Believin’ karaoke rendition, Sarah!  Steve Perry would be so proud…

Finally, for the biggest news of all, Teigan slept for six hours again last night!  Yeah, we’re at two days in a row; a new record!  I’m sure I just jinxed it by announcing this… crap.

What we try and do all day so we get some zzz’s at night… stick out our tongues!

Free babysitter

Teigan and Hoolie

Just another day in paradise here in KnoxVegas… and I was being so… responsible?  What?  I had a few things to do around the house and Hoolie looked like the perfect babysitter.  It was only for a few minutes…

Lions, and Tigers, and… Bees?

Bless his heart…

Another great weekend, although it’s hard to believe that it was Teigan’s second weekend meaning that she is coming up on three weeks old… already?

Everyone [especially you, Mom] told me to appreciate every moment because they go by so fast as you get older.  It seriously feels like just yesterday that she was born.  Before we know it, she’ll be playing soccer, picking out clothes for the first day of middle school, and Ben will be having the birds ‘n the bees talk with her…

Speaking of bees, Ben got a little kiss from one of his dad’s honey bees this weekend.  Ben’s remedy of topical cream, allergy medicine, antihistamine’s, and jumbo paleo margaritas didn’t seem to do the trick as he woke up this morning with it swollen shut.  Poor guy had to wear his sunglasses indoors when we ran errands this afternoon.  He was totally that guy.

Laying out, baby style

Great Grandpa Dick lovin’ on his first great grand-daughter

Teigan got to spend some more hang time with Great Grandpa Dick before he headed back home to Chicago.  I tell ya, I’m pretty sure that between Dick and me, our little lady is going to end up with red hair.  Call me crazy, White family members, but we beat the gene pool for the first time… ever?  I suppose there is still time for her to become a toehead; we’ll see.  But someone owe’s me $40.


Who am I?

Something I never thought I would hear myself say, but it happened today while talking to my girlfriend on the phone…

“Hang on one minute while we switch boobs…”

Yep.  This is my life.

Breaking captivity!

Teigan was seriously contemplating breaking out today!  We’ve been stuck in this house [with the exception of a few outings that Ben has taken us out on] for the past couple of weeks and she was getting cabin fever!

 It was so sad watching her look out the window wishing we could go and do something fun…

And then I had an idea!  We would get ready and go visit my co-workers at Dogwood Arts, a couple friends, and run a few errands!

She took one final yawn before hitting the road…

And then, for the first time, with smirks on, we ventured into this wild world in my car.  Or was she happy because she just filled her diaper?  Either way, it was a fun day… and no one hit me while I was going 15 mph going down the interstate – score!

Things I’ve learned in the last 15 days…

  1. Daytime TV sucks
  2. … so does The Bachelorette, yet I continue to watch…
  3. An umbilical cord, once fallen off, looks like a raisin.  Probably wasn’t best to leave it on the table when Ben was eating dinner… [har har har]
  4. A cup of yogurt and can of peaches is a completely legit lunch.  Or is it?
  5. Casey Anthony is an idiot [already knew this, but now it’s confirmed]
  6. My to-do list is never-ending and it’s hilarious to me that there are some things I constantly look over to do tomorrow
  7. We need to buy stock in diaper wipes as Ben feels it necessary to use 12-15 per changing [love you, baby]
  8. Having grass put in your backyard that is from the University of Tennessee and is of the same breed as Neyland Stadium makes us rockstars
  9. It’s completely normal to stalk your facebook feed at 3am
  10. Spitting on your finger and wiping off your newborn’s face may or may not be a smart thing to do, yet I do it anyways
  11. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going on a 15-minute walk and deciding that you got in a good workout for the day
  12. Dreaming of red wine and cocktails is totally valid
  13. Reorganizing my kitchen may top the list of things that make me most happy in life
  14. Sleep is for weenies
  15. Nursing is, hands down, the one thing that no one will tell you about before you have a baby.  Mostly the part about your nipple next-to falling off.  Wait… just me?