Things I’ve learned in the last 15 days…

  1. Daytime TV sucks
  2. … so does The Bachelorette, yet I continue to watch…
  3. An umbilical cord, once fallen off, looks like a raisin.  Probably wasn’t best to leave it on the table when Ben was eating dinner… [har har har]
  4. A cup of yogurt and can of peaches is a completely legit lunch.  Or is it?
  5. Casey Anthony is an idiot [already knew this, but now it’s confirmed]
  6. My to-do list is never-ending and it’s hilarious to me that there are some things I constantly look over to do tomorrow
  7. We need to buy stock in diaper wipes as Ben feels it necessary to use 12-15 per changing [love you, baby]
  8. Having grass put in your backyard that is from the University of Tennessee and is of the same breed as Neyland Stadium makes us rockstars
  9. It’s completely normal to stalk your facebook feed at 3am
  10. Spitting on your finger and wiping off your newborn’s face may or may not be a smart thing to do, yet I do it anyways
  11. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going on a 15-minute walk and deciding that you got in a good workout for the day
  12. Dreaming of red wine and cocktails is totally valid
  13. Reorganizing my kitchen may top the list of things that make me most happy in life
  14. Sleep is for weenies
  15. Nursing is, hands down, the one thing that no one will tell you about before you have a baby.  Mostly the part about your nipple next-to falling off.  Wait… just me?

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned in the last 15 days…

  1. 7. LOL I can see that stopping very soon.
    12. Courtney dreamed of the same thing!!!

    Hope all is well love, can’t wait to meet her in OCT!!!


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