New zzz record… for now

First of all, for those of you who watched The Bach last night… whaaaat?  I mean, Ashley may not be my favorite ‘ette of all time, but there are some serious lame-o’s this season.  Poor girl.  At least she’s had some quality dudes there to hang with, ya know, like Bentley.  Oh, wait…

Secondly, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. SarahDye Greer!  :c)  Ben, T, and I so wish we could have been there to celebrate the big day with Sarah and Mark, but thankfully Ashley made us feel like we were there ourselves.  Excellent Don’t Stop Believin’ karaoke rendition, Sarah!  Steve Perry would be so proud…

Finally, for the biggest news of all, Teigan slept for six hours again last night!  Yeah, we’re at two days in a row; a new record!  I’m sure I just jinxed it by announcing this… crap.

What we try and do all day so we get some zzz’s at night… stick out our tongues!

2 thoughts on “New zzz record… for now

  1. First of all…Bach….I am loving the dbags and tears! Seriously, aren’t you so glad it’s 2 hours when you have to nurse all the time! Saddest part of my week when it’s over :)

    Also, I love that the majority of your pis of T are in the buff. I just love a naked baby!! That’s how my boys STILL prefer to roll!

    Keep the posts a com in’ because I’m your most loyal reader. Ok, jane prob wins…but I’m a close second. Love those Slocums!

  2. Also…your baby is a rockstar sleeping 6 hours already! Just a word of warning…those good sleepers can encourage alone time….sweet Teddy :) yay for baby Slocum #2!

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