We’re going to market!

Our first banana pepper of the season!

Ben may be a lot of things – a hot husband, fabulous father, wonderful chef, great CrossFitter, smart businessman, and talented soccer player – but gardening enthusiast?  

I can’t keep a plant alive, indoors or out, and yes, I have a child now [scary!], but Ben just loves planting things outdoors.  Especially sunflowers, veggies, herbs, and fruit.

Unfortunately, some pesky little things are eating our strawberries, but here’s our first piece for the pickin’ of the season – a delightful looking banana pepper!  Farmer’s Market, here we come!

2 thoughts on “We’re going to market!

  1. Erin and Ben, let me know if your garden needs a little fertilizing, if you know what I mean…Love, Dad

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