Our other children

Hoolie relaxing at the lake

Rica and her teeth-y smile

Hoolie and Rica… the center of our world – pre-Teigan.  We recently celebrated their two-year Adoption Day and, while we love these four-legged ladies more than anything, but unfortunately they’ve taken a backseat to their newest two-legged sister.  We are so proud of them, though.  Both of them have turned into uber-protectors of T and have really taken to her.  Hoolie and Rica give Teigan kisses [highly recommended by this awesome parent] and don’t seem to care when she runs into a crying fit.  In fact, they surround her in a very loving way to make sure she’s okay.  

We did a good job with Hoolie and Rica… now if only we could get Teigan to squat in the yard and get interested in a rawhide…

Photos courtesy of THE Uncle Zach

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