First Road Trip!

We had quite the weekend!  It was full of family, totally not-paleo food [for me], baby-staring, and me breast-pumping in the backseat [I’m so classy!  At least, I’m sure the 18-wheeler drivers thought so].  

Ummm, precious in G-Daddy’s sunglasses

The weekend started when we arrived in Atlanta Friday evening.  We spent time with family and Ben and I got a break while every family member held Teigan.  I wasn’t sure we would get our daughter back…

On Saturday, we woke up to discover that Teigan won a special award that was displayed at the front desk.  Yeah, we know people… ahem, thanks, Dad aka G-Daddy.  

Meanwhile, my brother, Matt, and his girlfriend, Sara, joined us for laying around outside pre-wedding.  Uncle Matt fell completely in love with his new niece.  I’m pretty sure he’s got baby fever now… as long as baby fever doesn’t require diaper changing.

Aren’t they totally ready for babies?  I think yes.

My cousin, Catherine, got married outside of Atlanta on Saturday afternoon in an absolutely beautiful ceremony with a reception at a super cute indoor/outdoor spot.  Ben spent most of the reception hanging out with the band dancing with Teigan.  So stinkin’ cute.

The family post-ceremony

The original four-some

Saturday also happened to be my grandma’s 80th birthday!  It was certainly a day for many celebrations!

Unfortunately, we had to part ways on Sunday morning with Dad heading back to Houston, Matt back to Austin, and Sara back to Dallas.  Mom, Big GG [Earl], and Little GG [Marilyn] will be spending the next few days with us this week before heading back to Houston and New York.  So fun having all four generations of ladies together!

Grammy, Teigan, Mommy, and Little GG

Teigan was so well-behaved all weekend long, I’m pretty sure we’ll keep her… ;c)