A Couple First-timers!

We’ve had so much fun these past couple of days with Little GG, Big GG, and my Mom in town.  We couldn’t help but look at some property while they’re here in hopes that they will all eventually move to good ‘ol KnoxVegas.  I’m working on recruiting all of us former obsessive Texan’s…

Hanging out in her car seat at Cafe 4

Anyways, last night we had a couple of first’s for the lady.  While Teigan and I go on almost daily walks outside and we’ve made several outings to the grocery store, Target, etc., we still hadn’t been out to a restaurant.  So last night, we all went out to eat at Cafe 4 in Market Square with Doug and Kathy, Ben’s parents.  As suspected, it went perfectly.  I’m sure everyone around us was thinking Oh crap, we’re going to have this terribly adorable baby crying baby disrupt our entire dinner with shrieking, but she proved them wrong!  Atta’ girl.

Grandma and Teigan in Market Square

When we got home, we decided we would go ahead and give Teigan her first proper bath.  We’ve given her several sponge baths, but no full-on bath since her umbilical cord fell off a few weeks ago.  She started off loving it and then, of course, as soon as Mom went to grab the camera, she started screaming bloody murder.  We gave her a passy in hopes of getting a semi-decent shot, and it seemed to work.

First bath!

Don’t worry, Teigan, we got full shots without any washcloth-cover-ups, and your Dad fully intends on showing them to every boy that shows up at our front door to take you out.  You know, when you turn 30 and you’re allowed to date…

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  1. Silly Anonymous, we’ve given her plenty of baths, but we didn’t fully submerge her until this time. Do you know me? I’m cleanliness-obsessed!

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