Daddy’s Day!

Heart her

We had a wonderful first Father’s Day yesterday!  It consisted of being super-duper lazy at the lake while the thunderstorms were a brewin’.  We spent the entire morning and afternoon reading, eating, and hanging with Ben’s parents.  

Last night we came home and I spent the entire evening in the kitchen while Ben relaxed with T on the couch watching movies I would ordinarily make him turn off [muahaha].  Per Ben’s request, I made a slew of sausage and egg bakes so we had them ready for breakfast these next couple of weeks, paleo pizza for dinner, and paleo brownies for dessert.  YUM!

Teigan is so lucky to have Ben as her daddio.  I’m positive she’ll love all of his funny jokes, big biceps, and passion for fixing everything in sight… well, until she hits the ripe age of 12 and everything he does is utterly annoying and embarrassing.  No, our little girl will neeever feel that way… well, one can hope, right?

Hard to believe this was 34 days ago…