The Ultimate Procrastinator

Well, Miss T is five weeks old now [seriously… already!?] and I see have yet to send out birth announcements.  Am I horrible, or just a terrible procrastinator?  I seem to have picked up this habit ever since we brought the little lady home.  I have been staring at the baby book for four and a half weeks now and haven’t written down a thing.  The additional basement storage shelves that Ben finished off a couple weeks ago still sit empty with everything that needs to go on them sitting in a pile on the floor.  The recipes I’ve been trying to organize and get together are still sitting on the coffee table.  And I still need to clean the couch upholstery.  Oh, and I really need to put those damned glass doorknobs on the doors upstairs.

Well, I’m bound and determined to get the announcements together today, you know, before she turns three!  I’ll save the picture we’re choosing to use, but here are some other shots to give you a little taste of what you’ll be seeing.  Uncle Zach took some pictures on Memorial Day weekend when Teigan was nearly two weeks old.  Fortunately, Zach woke up out of a drunken slumber to take pictures for us, but unfortunately, T decided she was going to be fussy the entire time the camera was on her.  Like father, like daughter.  Ready, set, shoot…

PS :: Uncle Zach is available for birthday parties, weddings, and bar mitzvah’s…

One thought on “The Ultimate Procrastinator

  1. Ok, I’ll stop commenting, but I have to say the “to-do” list was the biggest adjustment I had. I’m a getter done like you and it KILLED me I could never check things off the list. Now I know if I get 2 things done in a week – I’m happy! Also, do you not remember getting Henry’s birth announcement at the ripe age of 3 months?!!? You’ll get it done and it will be glorious!

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