What. A. Night!

So Mother Nature hasn’t exactly been loving East Tennessee [or much of the country, actually] these past few months.  Everyone who knows me understands that I completely operate off of the weather.  If it’s sunny and clear, I’m the happiest girl on Earth – a land full of sunshine and lollipops.  If it’s rainy, I want to crawl in a hole, eat far too many 3 Musketeers, and cry until my ducts dry up.  Let’s just say I’ve been eating more chocolate than usual lately.  

Well, last night, right as Teigan passed out from a case of what I like to call milk drunk, and prime-time TV was starting, bam!, the power goes out.  Trees are falling everywhere and I’m certain that our roof, along with the dozens of very mature trees in our yard, won’t make it through the storm.  

Fast forward three hours.  Ben gets home from the cooking class at his business, Avanti Savoia, he adheres his headlamp to his head, and gets to the diaper explosion that occurred in Teigan’s onesie… for the second time in one day.  The first time was several hours earlier [pre-storm destruction] and happened while we were out on our walk and, upon discovery, I got to scrub the car seat.  Anyways, score one for me for that sweet Christmas stocking gift I got Ben a few years ago.  That headlamp saved our life… and Teigan’s clean sheets.

Fast forward 10 more hours and the power is still out.  I’m in a panic because, of all things in our fridge, my blessed breast milk is in there.  For the love!  It absolutely, positively cannot go bad.  Does Mother Nature [and our power company] know how long and hard I’ve been working on the stockpile?!  This is more precious than all the stilettos in the world!  Fortunately my in-law’s power came back on early this morning so I was able to gather it all up and store it in their fridge until our power came back on a couple hours ago.  Phew!  I thought I was going to have a meltdown there for a while.

Gotta go… chocolate is calling my name.  What?  It may not be raining, but it’s been a stressful past 18 hours!

One thought on “What. A. Night!

  1. Brian referred to my breast milk as “liquid gold” and reading this blog post was like reading a mystery novel…I couldn’t breathe until I knew what happened to the precious milk! :)

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