Miss Newborn Smile USA

Our little lady has been smiling since day one, but obviously that was mostly involuntary.  Well, not anymore, ladies and gentlemen!  She completely responds to both Ben and I and it is, hands down, the coolest thing that’s happened in this crazy journey thus far.  For the past four days, the poor girl has been hassled by both of us to keep on smiling.  I’m surprised she isn’t completely worn out by it yet.  Ben told me that she was just on the verge of a little laugh this morning.  Ohmygosh, we can’t wait ’til she giggles!  As if we aren’t wrapped enough already…

Precious in pink

One thought on “Smiles!

  1. Think she comes by the smiles naturally…look at her parents. I hope Miss T has a great “belly” laugh and lets it all out!

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