Exciting times coming up!

Hoolie in her standard sleep position as of late. Tired much?

We’re so excited around here; we can hardly sleep!  Fortunately for us, Teigan is excited, but she’s still managing to get her 6+ hours of zzz’s every night.  We’ve got quite the slew of visitors coming this week – whoohoo!  Uncle Matt, Uncle Zach, Auntie Kat, Grammie, and G-Daddy are all coming in to relax in KnoxVegas [and at the lake, of course] for the 4th of July week/weekend.  Looks like Mommy and Daddy will have several days of leasing out T to multiple family members while we sneak away to go swimming, get a little sun, workout, and get some good reading time in.

I guess that means Hoolie and Rica are off babysitting duties while everyone is here.  Not gonna lie; I think that might upset them.  They are in loooove with T.  So much so that lately they’ve gone from making out with her feet, to making out with her mouth.  That, my friends, is where I draw the line.  Unfortunately it’s usually a little too late…  At the ripe age of nearly six weeks old, Teigan has already played tonsil hockey.  Sorry, Ben.