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Happy 30th Birthday, Ben!

Inspired by Ben’s garden, the ahhh-mazing birthday cake by the insanely beautiful & talented Regina Long!

So yesterday was Ben’s 30th birthday and we had quite the day!  It sounds like the obvious plan for the day, given his age, would be to wake up at the crack of dawn, read both newspapers cover-to-cover, spend some time yelling at the neighborhood kids, hit the early-bird dinner at Cracker Barrel, and then be in bed by 7:30pm.

Much to everyone’s dismay, we had other plans for his big day.  We slept in with Teigan until about 8:30a and had a relaxing morning, complete with Ben getting a fabulous massage.  Teigan and I then met up with Ben in Market Square for lunch at Soccer Taco.  Due to the insane heat, I had the grand idea of submerging her, feet first, into the water features.  She loved it.  I’m not sure the patrons on-looking thought I was the most responsible mom, but hey, my kid wasn’t scarfing ice cream down her throat and running around in her underwear… <give me a few years and then maybe…>

Anyways, then we hopped on over to the Dogwood Arts offices to drop off the Pack ‘n Play and Teigan’s other necessities so I can slowly start to get back to work next week.  I can’t believe it’s already that time!  These last 10 weeks have gone by so fast!  Sigh.

Then we came home, relaxed a bit, cleaned up, and got Teigan, Hoolie, and Rica ready for their babysitters [Thank you so much, Uncle Grandpa and Grandma!].  After dropping off the ladies at their house, Ben and I headed to Ruth’s Chris for some yummy dinner and a great view of the Tennessee River.  After Ben passing on his free dessert and sending it over to a table with just a father/daughter [is that not the sweetest thing, ever?], we headed to Public House, our favorite neighborhood bar.  The amazing cake above, 35-ish friends, and a few brewski’s later, Ben was having the time of his life.  Thanks to everyone for helping Ben ring in his big day!


Anyone in need of cucumbers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, or pumpkins?… ’cause we have, um, about a gazillion of all of the above.  I’ll UPS ’em, seriously!  Better yet, any glorious ideas of what to do with these things?  Any fabuloso recipes?
Ben in his zone
Peppers and cucumbers we get on a daily basis – Yowza!

H20… and we aren’t talkin’ bathtime

So full of wonder

Teigan had her fill of water-related first’s this weekend… her first time in a pool and her first time in the lake!  On Friday night we went over to our friends’, BJ and MK, new place in West Knoxville.  Cute home, complete with a fig tree and an in-ground pool.  Um, awesome!  After the initial shock of temperature change from 98 degrees to 85 degrees, Teigan settled right in.

Ahhh, break from the heat!
Then, Saturday mid-afternoon we headed to the lake.  It was so hot out by the water with absolutely no air movement, so we decided we would take the plunge with T, literally.  Ben and I took turns taking her in the water every half-hour, or so.
It’s practically a baby nudist colony at the lake with our young one in tow!
Floating around with Daddy
She discovered her thumb this week and it’s pretty much the cutest thing, ever.

Looks like, in addition to Olympic soccer player, we’re adding Olympic swimmer and Olympic thumb-sucker…. ;c)

Great Uncle Russ visits

This past week we were lucky enough to have Uncle Russ stop in for an evening on his way cross-country from Washington to Georgia.  I tell ya, T has the liking’s of becoming one tall lady, but will she be Uncle-Russ-tall?  I think Ben is crossing his fingers that she’s close to his 6’7″ so that the boys are too imitated to ask her out, ya know, before she’s 30 when it’s allowed.  Don’t worry, T, my 5’4″ in your blood can’t possibly produce 6’7″… at least I don’t think so…

Too tall to fit in the picture frame… muahaha!
Uncle Russ and his first great niece

"Just Fishin’"

It’s pretty amazing how songs can impact you once you have your own kid to reference to.  Well, I had CMT blasting on the TV today while cleaning the house.  What?  My iPod was in my purse [sooo lazy], Teigan loves music, and CMT is the only station to play music these days.  Anyways, Ben gets in from work and suddenly he’s glued to the tube and it seems he’s got another song that is now far more than a song to him.  Introducing “Just Fishin'” by Trace Adkins… 

I’m lost in her there holding that pink rod and reel.
She’s doing almost everything but sitting still.
Talking about her ballet shoes and training wheels, and her kittens.
And she thinks we’re just fishin’.
I say daddy loves you baby one more time,
She says I know, I think I got a bite.
And all this laughing, crying, smiling, dying here inside
Is what I call living
And she thinks we’re just fishin’ on the river side,
Throwing back what we could fry,
Drowning worms an killing time,
Nothing too ambitious
She ain’t even thinking about what’s really going on right now
But I guarantee this memories a big one
And she thinks we’re just fishin’
She’s already pretty, like her momma is
Gonna drive the boy’s all crazy
Giver her daddy fits
And I better do this every chance I get
’cause time is ticking
And she thinks we’re just fishin’ on the river side,
Throwing back what we could fry,
Drowning worms an killing time,
Nothing too ambitious
She ain’t even thinking about what’s really going on right now
But I guarantee this memories a big one
And she thinks we’re just fishin’
She ain’t even thinking about what’s really going on right now
But I guarantee this memories a big one
And she thinks we’re just fishin’
Yeah, she thinks we’re just fishin’
We ain’t only fishin’
This ain’t about fishin’

Slocum Family History Class 101

This past weekend Crazy Aunt Cindy [self-proclaimed] and Uncle Jan came to town and gave us something that is so special, I had to share.  Cindy has been working on the Slocum family genealogy history for some time now.  In fact, this past Thanksgiving, while at the dinner table with the family, Cindy decided to share some of the oh-so-fabulous-? names the our family has had in the past.  Here’s what we were encouraged to name our soon-to-be, sex-to-be-determined baby over the trip: Sylvanus, Archibald, Otilda, Egbert, Heinrich, Prudence, Minerva, Agnes… and the list goes on and on.  You’re welcome, Teigan.

Anyways, Cindy printed off a binder consisting of 75 pages of not only Teigan’s ancestors dating back to 1357, but also stories about them.  How freaking cool is that?  I know it’ll be a while before she can appreciate something like this, but this is, hands down, the most meaningful thing we could possibly give to her when she grows up.

Now we just need to work on genealogy from my side of the family!  Looks like I’ve got some work to do… aye! 


I tell ya, Ben and I are so blessed.  Not only do we have an absolutely beautiful daughter, the cutest four-legged daughters we could ask for, and a lovely home [that may or may not drive us bonkers most of the time with the non-stop projects], but our family and friends are just the best. 

Everyone has gone and above and beyond to welcome our daughter into this crazy world with their thoughts, prayers, calls, and… gifts.  While we absolutely love every single thing that has come our way [yes, even your gifts, Uncle Z-man], we recently received something from one of our other sets of parents, Utah-residing Steve and Sue M., that I had to show off.  

Is that not the cutest thing, ever?!  I can’t say that I’m the girliest person on the planet, but this makes me want to jump around in ruffles – and order one for myself.  

Don’t worry, Ben, while Teigan will probably wear this on an every-other-day basis, we’ll still get her that infant tool set you’ve been eyeing… ;c)

Two-month Check-up

Our little lady had her two-month checkup today and, despite not gaining as much weight as we’d like her to, she’s absolutely perfect.  Duh.  Unfortunately we think my boobie issue and the fact that she sleeps 9-10 hours a night [um, awesome!] caused a few problems in Teigan’s growth department.  Fortunately I’m on the road to recovery now and I’m positive that by next month’s appointment Teigan will be nice and voluptuous.  :c)

I’d also like to brag on our little rockstar concerning her first big round of shots.  We received warning from several couples that we both needed to be at this appointment so we could trade off carrying the screaming baby, but nope.  She fussed for about 45 seconds and then it was over.  Sheesh, did we get lucky, or what?!

Two month stats:
21.5″ height
8 lbs.13 oz.
14.75″ head circumference

Nap time, lake-style

Two months old!

Happy two month birthday, Teigan!  I’m sorry that you were witness to one sad day for our family when Team USA lost in today’s Women’s World Cup.  Good thing you’re already practicing up so you’ll be ready to go beat those Japanese in 2031.

Um, excuse me… 2031?  I swear, I still live as though it’s 1992 when New Kids on the Block are on the radio, neon shirts with acid wash jeans are hip, and my “Dorothy Hamill” [aka boy] haircut was awesome.  Wait… did we time warp back?

Hittin’ up DC in style

So, a few days ago I spoke of karma and how we were having a great few days.  Well, let me just tell you about our last-minute trip to Washington D.C.!

So, it’s been on our mental calendar for months now, but we were holding out on heading to D.C. for the Fancy Food Show because of Teigan.  The Fancy Food Show is a yearly international food event that normally occurs in NYC, but was moved this year.  Ben goes so he can not only mingle with current vendors of Avanti Savoia, but also scout out some of the latest and greatest up ‘n coming foods our planet has to offer.  

Anyways, we weren’t really sure where Teigan would be at that point with traveling, sleeping, etc.  But, because we have angel baby [oh boy, I’ll be eating my words tonight as she’ll probably get me back for that one], we decided late last week [aka Friday] to go for it!


On Sunday morning we hit the road and drove the nine-ish hours to the land of politicians and clean  parks.  When we arrived at the hotel on Sunday evening, we moved in and immediately put Teigan in the stroller to go check out the White House, Washington Monument, and downtown in general.  Ben had never been there before and it’s been several years since I had.  It was so great to be back as it is one of my favorite cities.  

White House… in the distance

Teigan climbing the Washington Monument.  Ben thought it was stupid… I thought it was genius!

On Monday, Ben headed out to the Show while Teigan and I went out and did some of our own site-seeing… and window shopping at H&M.  Love that place… how convenient that it was 103 degrees outside and Teigan needed a break from the heat.  Muahaha.

World War II Memorial – and Teigan
Some seriously cool Art in Public Places… I swear this artist was inspired by me!
When Ben got done with the Show, we went to check out my personal fav, the Lincoln Memorial, along with a bunch of other awe-inspiring memorials and sites.  Later that evening, a massive storm came through at warp speed, so we had the best time [seriously] running with Teigan through all of the parks trying to make it back to the hotel.  It was a hoot, and we made it just in the knick of time!
Slocum Fam at the best place in D.C… oh, and some European kid who refused to leave that spot.
It’s a long story that I won’t go through here, but we ended up getting the penthouse suite at the JW Marriott Hotel [where we stayed the night before] for next to nothing.  Good karma, I tell ya.  The room had a freaking front foyer and we didn’t have to pay for room service.  Are you serious?  Such a sick view; it was ridonk!
Tuesday was spent doing more site-seeing, Ben drinking his first beer in 11+ weeks [beer isn’t part of the paleo challenge], and then spending the evening with our friend, Ed.  

We had an absolutely fabulous trip and can’t wait to go back next year!  

PS – Interested in what Ben found?  Be sure to shop at the coolest, hippest, online foodie shop ever –  ;c)
PSS – Oh, and if you go to D.C. yourself, be sure to hit up the JW Marriott and ask for Darnell.  He’ll hook you uuuup!


Great news!  Mom’s knee replacement surgery went off without a hitch this morning.  Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  She’s a total rockstar and will be skipping along and playing our favorite childhood game, Scramball, with Teigan [and all of us, duh] before we know it.  That means Teigan has to be able to walk/run, too… which means we need to start spending all of our evenings teaching her how… which means then I have to reconsider my glass of vino… which means… sorry, Mom, you’ll have to wait a few more months for T to play with you.  ;c)


kar-ma: [kahr-muh] – noun
1. Hinduism, Buddhism: action, seen as bringing upon oneself, inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in reincarnation

I tell ya, karma can be a bee-yotch, but it can also really pay off if you’re on the bright side of the light.  Apparently we’ve been decent folks as of late because Baby Jesus [and Baby Buddha] have been blessing us, big time, these past couple of days.  Details to come soon, but here are some hints: a front foyer, Heineken, and foodies!

PS – Speaking of Baby Jesus, I would appreciate all of you thinking about my mom tomorrow morning as she undergoes knee surgery [finally!].  It’s been a long time coming and we are thrilled she’s going to be pain-free so soon, but it is nerve wracking, nonetheless!  Watch out, South Central Crossfit Regional Games 2012, you’ve got a new contender to be scared of!

Classy Uncle Z-man

Uncle Z-man!

Ben and I know how lucky we are to have Matt and Zach as broski’s, but Zach outdid himself this week.  On Thursday, Zach and Kat drove to Gatlinburg [translation for out-of-towner’s: touristy town full of funnel cake stands, putt putt, novelty stores… and Arrowmont [hellooo, Pi Phi’s!] in the middle of the stunning Smoky Mountains] for the day.  While they were totally bummed that the weather was keeping them from going horseback riding in the mountains, Uncle Z-man [Zach’s Uncle name for himself] soon found a way to turn that frown upside down.  How, may you ask?  Well, if you know Zach, you know it’s going to be something good.  I’ll leave you with the following picture… ’nuff said.

Classy t-shirt, complete with the tomahawk he got  her – one lucky lady, right?!  ;c)


Boobster update: After a follow-up appointment today, I’m thrilled to say that, while not totally healed, the abscess is much better!  If things continue at this rate, no surgery for me!  Whoohoo!  And on an equally awesome note, I’m heading back to CrossFit [for the second time] tomorrow morning!  I got approval to go back and, boy, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow afternoon… and it’s gonna hurt so good – and I can’t wait!

The entire fam!

While I’ve had to take more time off from CrossFit than I’d like to admit, I’m proud to take 100% fault [muahaha] for all of the super gorgeous and uber fit women in East Tennessee keeping up their fitness!  Love, love, love!  It pays off post-preggo, promise…

Daytime TV

As I’ve mentioned on here before, daytime TV totally sucks.  But, let me tell you, I am so thankful of the following shows to bring me slight smiles during the day.  While I should be embarrassed that these shows are playing in the background during the day, I think everyone who reads this blog are aware of the fact that I don’t get embarrassed too easily.  For all of you soon-to-be mommies reading this, you may be frightened at first, but believe me, you’ll be watching [aka sorta-kinda when you aren’t busy feeding, cleaning booties, or staring at your wee one] these shows, too.

  • Let’s Make a Deal – it’s so absolutely horrible…
  • Price is Right – you know Drew Carey lost 80 lbs. doing paleo, right CrossFitters?  He’s almost hot these days.  I know, right?!
  • Bravo marathons during the afternoon – specifically Millionaire Matchmaker [not Real Housewives of (insert city here) which makes my eyeballs twitch]
  • Dr. Phil – so sad, I know…

It’s slightly sad that I will be missing these horrible forms of entertainment when I go back to work.  Thank goodness Teigan can’t quite be influenced by these shows, yet.  Ben, I promise they won’t be on once she totally gets what’s going on… ;c)

Top 10 Reasons We Loved the 4th

#10: Family photos galore
#9: #10 continued
#8: Got to watch everyone play in the water [and eventually wipe out]
#7: Kat’s here!  YAY!
#6: My daughter survived this photo shoot
#5: So many people taking care of the little lady!
#4: … and by “taking care”, I meant “stealing”  ;c)
#3: I am secretly already starting the “I’m obsessed with Texas” mentality for T
#2: Rica and Hoolie were in heaven with the other four pups to play with 
#1: Family nap time!

Sunny days

Uncle Matt and Teigan

Thank goodness for the great weather we’ve had these past few days!  Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh, I’m lovin’ it [sing it like the McDonald’s theme song]!  Mom, Dad, and Matt all came into town for the annual 4th of July in KnoxVegas trip and, thankfully, our power is back on and the sun is shining!  Whoohoo!  I can’t imagine a packed house eating dinner by candlelight.  Pretty sure we would have been camping in the backyard if that were the case.

Anyways, Zach and Kat are coming into town, too, so we are super stoked!  It’ll be a fabulous family affair and we cannot wait!

I just have to be on super-mommy-watch to make sure the Uncles don’t get Teigan into playing with fireworks already…