Daytime TV

As I’ve mentioned on here before, daytime TV totally sucks.  But, let me tell you, I am so thankful of the following shows to bring me slight smiles during the day.  While I should be embarrassed that these shows are playing in the background during the day, I think everyone who reads this blog are aware of the fact that I don’t get embarrassed too easily.  For all of you soon-to-be mommies reading this, you may be frightened at first, but believe me, you’ll be watching [aka sorta-kinda when you aren’t busy feeding, cleaning booties, or staring at your wee one] these shows, too.

  • Let’s Make a Deal – it’s so absolutely horrible…
  • Price is Right – you know Drew Carey lost 80 lbs. doing paleo, right CrossFitters?  He’s almost hot these days.  I know, right?!
  • Bravo marathons during the afternoon – specifically Millionaire Matchmaker [not Real Housewives of (insert city here) which makes my eyeballs twitch]
  • Dr. Phil – so sad, I know…

It’s slightly sad that I will be missing these horrible forms of entertainment when I go back to work.  Thank goodness Teigan can’t quite be influenced by these shows, yet.  Ben, I promise they won’t be on once she totally gets what’s going on… ;c)

2 thoughts on “Daytime TV

  1. Whatever, as soon as she understand whats going on I won’t be able to pull the both of you away. You’ll have a team mate to gossip and chatter with about how awful those women are.

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