Classy Uncle Z-man

Uncle Z-man!

Ben and I know how lucky we are to have Matt and Zach as broski’s, but Zach outdid himself this week.  On Thursday, Zach and Kat drove to Gatlinburg [translation for out-of-towner’s: touristy town full of funnel cake stands, putt putt, novelty stores… and Arrowmont [hellooo, Pi Phi’s!] in the middle of the stunning Smoky Mountains] for the day.  While they were totally bummed that the weather was keeping them from going horseback riding in the mountains, Uncle Z-man [Zach’s Uncle name for himself] soon found a way to turn that frown upside down.  How, may you ask?  Well, if you know Zach, you know it’s going to be something good.  I’ll leave you with the following picture… ’nuff said.

Classy t-shirt, complete with the tomahawk he got  her – one lucky lady, right?!  ;c)