Hittin’ up DC in style

So, a few days ago I spoke of karma and how we were having a great few days.  Well, let me just tell you about our last-minute trip to Washington D.C.!

So, it’s been on our mental calendar for months now, but we were holding out on heading to D.C. for the Fancy Food Show because of Teigan.  The Fancy Food Show is a yearly international food event that normally occurs in NYC, but was moved this year.  Ben goes so he can not only mingle with current vendors of Avanti Savoia, but also scout out some of the latest and greatest up ‘n coming foods our planet has to offer.  

Anyways, we weren’t really sure where Teigan would be at that point with traveling, sleeping, etc.  But, because we have angel baby [oh boy, I’ll be eating my words tonight as she’ll probably get me back for that one], we decided late last week [aka Friday] to go for it!


On Sunday morning we hit the road and drove the nine-ish hours to the land of politicians and clean  parks.  When we arrived at the hotel on Sunday evening, we moved in and immediately put Teigan in the stroller to go check out the White House, Washington Monument, and downtown in general.  Ben had never been there before and it’s been several years since I had.  It was so great to be back as it is one of my favorite cities.  

White House… in the distance

Teigan climbing the Washington Monument.  Ben thought it was stupid… I thought it was genius!

On Monday, Ben headed out to the Show while Teigan and I went out and did some of our own site-seeing… and window shopping at H&M.  Love that place… how convenient that it was 103 degrees outside and Teigan needed a break from the heat.  Muahaha.

World War II Memorial – and Teigan
Some seriously cool Art in Public Places… I swear this artist was inspired by me!
When Ben got done with the Show, we went to check out my personal fav, the Lincoln Memorial, along with a bunch of other awe-inspiring memorials and sites.  Later that evening, a massive storm came through at warp speed, so we had the best time [seriously] running with Teigan through all of the parks trying to make it back to the hotel.  It was a hoot, and we made it just in the knick of time!
Slocum Fam at the best place in D.C… oh, and some European kid who refused to leave that spot.
It’s a long story that I won’t go through here, but we ended up getting the penthouse suite at the JW Marriott Hotel [where we stayed the night before] for next to nothing.  Good karma, I tell ya.  The room had a freaking front foyer and we didn’t have to pay for room service.  Are you serious?  Such a sick view; it was ridonk!
Tuesday was spent doing more site-seeing, Ben drinking his first beer in 11+ weeks [beer isn’t part of the paleo challenge], and then spending the evening with our friend, Ed.  

We had an absolutely fabulous trip and can’t wait to go back next year!  

PS – Interested in what Ben found?  Be sure to shop at the coolest, hippest, online foodie shop ever – www.avantisavoia.com.  ;c)
PSS – Oh, and if you go to D.C. yourself, be sure to hit up the JW Marriott and ask for Darnell.  He’ll hook you uuuup!

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