Two-month Check-up

Our little lady had her two-month checkup today and, despite not gaining as much weight as we’d like her to, she’s absolutely perfect.  Duh.  Unfortunately we think my boobie issue and the fact that she sleeps 9-10 hours a night [um, awesome!] caused a few problems in Teigan’s growth department.  Fortunately I’m on the road to recovery now and I’m positive that by next month’s appointment Teigan will be nice and voluptuous.  :c)

I’d also like to brag on our little rockstar concerning her first big round of shots.  We received warning from several couples that we both needed to be at this appointment so we could trade off carrying the screaming baby, but nope.  She fussed for about 45 seconds and then it was over.  Sheesh, did we get lucky, or what?!

Two month stats:
21.5″ height
8 lbs.13 oz.
14.75″ head circumference

Nap time, lake-style

One thought on “Two-month Check-up

  1. She is a doll. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. One thing I’ve noticed about breastfed babies is that they stay tiny at first while everyone catches on to the whole “boobs feed people” routine and once everything falls into place they GROW GROW GROW! Enjoy her tininess. I have a 28 pounder on my lap right now and I can barely remember what she felt like at 8 pounds.

    P.S. Glad to hear that you lady lumps are healing nicely. 😉

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