Slocum Family History Class 101

This past weekend Crazy Aunt Cindy [self-proclaimed] and Uncle Jan came to town and gave us something that is so special, I had to share.  Cindy has been working on the Slocum family genealogy history for some time now.  In fact, this past Thanksgiving, while at the dinner table with the family, Cindy decided to share some of the oh-so-fabulous-? names the our family has had in the past.  Here’s what we were encouraged to name our soon-to-be, sex-to-be-determined baby over the trip: Sylvanus, Archibald, Otilda, Egbert, Heinrich, Prudence, Minerva, Agnes… and the list goes on and on.  You’re welcome, Teigan.

Anyways, Cindy printed off a binder consisting of 75 pages of not only Teigan’s ancestors dating back to 1357, but also stories about them.  How freaking cool is that?  I know it’ll be a while before she can appreciate something like this, but this is, hands down, the most meaningful thing we could possibly give to her when she grows up.

Now we just need to work on genealogy from my side of the family!  Looks like I’ve got some work to do… aye! 

3 thoughts on “Slocum Family History Class 101

  1. Erin, You forgot some of the rarer selections…Mehitable, Dorcus and Euphame but there will be more children…!?!? I’m pretty sure that my moniker was a gift from Zach , who feared our visits. Teigan is a beautiful baby and a welcome addition to a long line of “frontiersmen and outdoor types”. Love, CAC

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