Great Uncle Russ visits

This past week we were lucky enough to have Uncle Russ stop in for an evening on his way cross-country from Washington to Georgia.  I tell ya, T has the liking’s of becoming one tall lady, but will she be Uncle-Russ-tall?  I think Ben is crossing his fingers that she’s close to his 6’7″ so that the boys are too imitated to ask her out, ya know, before she’s 30 when it’s allowed.  Don’t worry, T, my 5’4″ in your blood can’t possibly produce 6’7″… at least I don’t think so…

Too tall to fit in the picture frame… muahaha!
Uncle Russ and his first great niece

One thought on “Great Uncle Russ visits

  1. Miss T might be the 5′ 10″ you always wanted to be…thanks for posting this picture…love it!

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