H20… and we aren’t talkin’ bathtime

So full of wonder

Teigan had her fill of water-related first’s this weekend… her first time in a pool and her first time in the lake!  On Friday night we went over to our friends’, BJ and MK, new place in West Knoxville.  Cute home, complete with a fig tree and an in-ground pool.  Um, awesome!  After the initial shock of temperature change from 98 degrees to 85 degrees, Teigan settled right in.

Ahhh, break from the heat!
Then, Saturday mid-afternoon we headed to the lake.  It was so hot out by the water with absolutely no air movement, so we decided we would take the plunge with T, literally.  Ben and I took turns taking her in the water every half-hour, or so.
It’s practically a baby nudist colony at the lake with our young one in tow!
Floating around with Daddy
She discovered her thumb this week and it’s pretty much the cutest thing, ever.

Looks like, in addition to Olympic soccer player, we’re adding Olympic swimmer and Olympic thumb-sucker…. ;c)

2 thoughts on “H20… and we aren’t talkin’ bathtime

  1. I love it! The Teigster is welcome to come train in our pool anytime! She’s so worth crankin’ up the water heater for so she can train year-round!

    Love ya’ll. Thanks for making our pool look good!

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