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Dave fan!

Peace, Love, and “Drive in Drive out”

It’s official.  It looks like Teigan is a Dave Matthews Band fan.  She got kinda fussy this morning, so I put her in the lamb swing, turned off the TV, opened the window, and turned on DMB.  No kidding; the crying stopped instantly and she was immediately whisked away to sleepy land – and with the most adorable smirk on her face.  So much for those light little lullaby CD’s…

PS – Happy, happy birthday, Auntie Ashley!  Love, T
PSS – Congratulations on finding out my new neighbor friend will be a girl, Kate & Jim!  Love, T

Little Miss Chatty Pants

If you have about four minutes of your life and feel like watching my daughter talk [aka make totally and completely incomprehensible noises, laughs, wiggles, and big ‘ol smiley’s], check out the video below.  Too bad we can’t even let her watch this until she’s at least 18 due to the Tosh.0 playing in the background.  We are so classy…
Hook ’em!


I swear, being back at work and not wasting my day away while being subjected to terrible daytime TV has really put a damper on my blog posting.  But, have no fear, I’m making a vested interest to get back to at least every-other-other-day…. mainly because I know you’re in absolute tears if I post less frequently.  Yeah, right!

Anyways, Teigan’s been so engaged and strong from the get-go, but it’s so fun seeing her grow up and learn more about the world.  T loves being outside listening to the sounds and looking at everything.  She still isn’t all about toys or distractions, nor does she have a particular item that she must have.  But, all those fun little goodies that we’ve received from friends and family are starting to become part of her daily routine [aka – Fussy baby?  Play in the jungle!  Sit in your pod!  Let’s go on a jog!]. 
Well, Teigan has had quite a few firsts this past week. Here’s a picture diary…
Sitting upright on her own playing in her pod 
Hanging out on her adorable bear
Playing in the jungle
Playing with her feet and toes… her new obsession, well, next to trying to shove her fist down her throat…
Watching Harry and the Henderson’s with Daddy.  Can’t you tell how much she loved it?

Prayer Request

Quick note to ask all of you to be praying for our friends, BJ & MK, as they are going through an unbelievably difficult and trying time in their journey to have little ones [and not of the four-legged variety].  Some of you may remember this couple as the ones who didn’t stop dancing the entire night at our wedding… and, like, fancy ballroom dancing… show-offs

Anyways… if you have some time, take a moment to read MK’s blog – Hysterical-My Quest for  Spawn – from the beginning.  I’ve learned so much about infertility through their process and while I already know how unbelievably lucky we are to have been blessed with our absolutely adorable little girl, it definitely gives it all more perspective.

BJ & MK, we love you and we are so hopeful your little embryos will fight their way into your arms in nine short months.  To those of you reading, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and positive energy being thrown their way.

Peace, Love, and Embryo’s Baking Reeeeal Good in MK.

Weekend ‘o Cookouts

Despite the fact that we’ve opted out of going to the lake, we’re having a great weekend!  Our great amigos, Donny & Ashley came over for a cook-out Friday night.  Ashley is about 23 weeks preggo, so her sweet little belly just popped and little Tucker is making his way into the world.  Cannot wait to meet him!

Saturday morning I went to a wedding shower for our friend, Angie.  Her friend, Natalie, hosted the shower at her place, and let me tell you, I got inspired!  Best shower decorations, ever.  Not the annoying, tacky, ugly crap – it was totally classy and so adorable.  We’ll see if any of that inspiration actually makes it to October and November when I’m hosting two baby showers of my own…. oh, if only I had the time.

Last night we went for a cook-out and swimming at our friends Tony & Lauren’s place.  Lauren is due late November… I’m just now realizing how many pregnant people surround us; I love it!  Such a fun evening!

What will we do today?  Well, I’m bound and determined to finally [nearly three years later] get to work on our wedding photos.  I made a photo book for both sets of parents right after the wedding, but still have yet to do one of our own.  Wish me luck; this stuff tends to stress me out – so perhaps I’ll indulge in a delicious cocktail while preparing?  Too early to tell, but…. probably yes.

Until next time, a little video from a week-ish ago.  FYI – first half is the good part.  ;c)


I love Friday’s!

Teigan just wanted to say “TGIF!”  It’s been one heck of a week juggling our work schedules, general home maintenance, feeding ourselves, bathing ourselves, attempting to get the gym to get our CrossFit on – oh, and caring for an infant.  Oh well, one of these days we’ll get it all figured out.  Until then, we’re thrilled to have the weekend here upon us!  Cheers!

3-months old!

Our little girl is growing up!  It’s so hard to believe that it’s been three months since I had Teigan – and a year since she really starting growing as a little seedling.  It’s ridiculous how much more we love her every single day.  Our hearts are so full of love, it’s unreal.

She loves the stuffed elephant that Miss Teralyn made her!

Stats update!  Fortunately, having worked through the boob issue, T’s still getting exclusively breast milk and I’m loading her up these days in every effort to beef her up.  It’s amazing how hard you work to get rid of the rolls on your thighs when you’re a grown up, but begging for ’em when you’re an infant.  Anyways, I was pretty nervous about the appointment this morning because of her weight and worried I still wasn’t getting her enough, but, low and behold, she gained over a pound in the last month!  Bamskies!

Age: 92 days old
Weight: 10 lbs. even
Height: 23 1/4″
Head circumference: 15 1/2″
Teething?: Yup.  :c(

Off to go freeze some washcloths for the little one to munch on…

We keep telling her not to give us the finger, but she just won’t listen!  That’s what we get for making her pose… ;c)

G-Daddy’s trip

G-Daddy and Teigan
Teigan and the twins [muahaha!]

So, kind of on a whim and very last minute, my dad [aka G-Daddy] decided he just had to come and visit lil’ Teigan this past weekend.  Poor mom is still recovering from her knee-replacement surgery so she was unable to come.  Fortunately for her, Dad brought along his video camera.  ;c)

Anywho, we had an absolutely fabulous time full of car washing, ice cream eating, and relaxing.  Not sure if it’s the fact that Teigan is older and bigger, but G-Daddy was way more comfortable when I practically threw T his way so that I could make dinner… oh, who am I kidding?… we all know that means I just needed to pour a glass of vino!

Lakin’ it

The glass of vino these days is mainly because our little lady has decided she wants to be quite a bit more fussy than she used to.  I’m completely clueless as to why, other than the fact that she’s 13 weeks old today… she’s older, awake more during the day, and probably going through a growth spurt.  Regardless, it definitely makes the bringing-your-infant-to-work-Monday’s a bit more difficult.  I could be jumping the gun, but we’re thinking she could be teething, too?  Not sure, but we’ll certainly see if the doc’s say anything at her three-month appointment tomorrow.

Look at my neck control!  Bamskies!

Until then, I’m doing my best to remember just how lucky we’ve been so far with her.  Here’s to our continued success with ten-hour sleep bouts each night!

I’m going to “make dinner” now…

Fist-pumping in her sleep

I just love her… love, love, love her!  Much more to write about [mainly G-Daddy’s visit this weekend], but I’m that’s all for now.

PS – She’s totally laughing.  Our hearts are totally melting.  I’ll post a video soon!

Almost there…

If our sweet 12.5 week year old isn’t belly laughing in the next week, we will be shocked!  Ben filmed this on his phone a couple days ago [how did parents survive pre-smart phone!?], but her chatti-ness is increasing by the hour. I love that we are absolutely dying for her to start talking now and in, say, five months, we will be begging for it to stop.  Muahaha!  Love you, Tiger…

Introducing… Doug’s Other Honey!

The Master Beekeeper!
For those of you who know my father-in-law aka Doug/ Grandfatha’/ Mr. Secretary/ Uncle Grandpa/ That Martini Guy, you know that he is a man of many talents and more useless knowledge than any one person should ever speak of.  He is also a man of many pet projects and hobbies, but thankfully he’s really stuck on one in particular these days – honey bees!

I tell ya, it’s a bit… interesting?… to walk into Doug & Kathy’s home seeing numerous books on “queen rearing” and “bee sex”, but it’s paying off!  Doug has finally unveiled his very own honey from the 55 hives he has in the rolling hills of East Tennessee – Doug’s Other Honey :: Raw Wild Flower Honey!  Stock up now, folks, ’cause this stuff is ahhhh-mazing!

Watch out world, we have a man on a mission… and he’s got a Gator now to prove it!
Doug’s Other Honey, available from his home to yours via Avanti Savoia!

Vienna, Kasey, and… Jake!

… so I would totally write more, but OH.MY.GOSH, Jake just showed up at the Bach Pad!  This is gonna get so good [horrible]!

For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you are just as pathetic as I… so let’s talk about it!  Leave me your thoughts on this addicting [and absolutely terrible] reality [crap] tv show.

Baby in a bar?

On Friday night we went and watched our good buddy’s band, Kelsey’s Woods, perform for First Friday at John Black Photography Studio in downtown Knoxville.  Gosh, they are so great.  I can’t wait ’til I can say, “I totally knew them…” and then tell stories about our buddy that I shouldn’t repeat.  Muaha!  

Post dance-off at the Kelsey’s Woods show

Anywhoselbees, after Ben, Teigan, and I jammed with them for a bit [T totally loved it], we headed over to the Downtown Grill & Brewery to hang with our CrossFit Ktown amigos to celebrate the end of Death Days week at our box.  I should mention that this place is a brewery, yes, but it’s, first and foremost, a restaurant that doesn’t allow smoking.  I was having so much fun and then some super-loser-nasty-30-something came up to me, with a serious ‘tude and said “Are you serious… a baby in a bar?”.  I was absolutely shocked and seriously could have punched her in the face.  She was clearly jealous of Teigan’s good looks – and the fact that our sweet T was getting more attention from the men than she was… poor, poor, mean, stupid woman.  Looks like I know where we’re going every Friday night, just to spite her… ha!

One of those days…

Where’s T?

So Teigan took it upon herself to let me know that she is, in fact, an infant these past couple of days.  The unrelenting crying as soon as I take her out of my arms is the main indicator.  Exhibit A: my second day back in the office [yesterday] proved to be quite the challenge as she refused to go to sleep, even though she hadn’t slept all day and was clearly exhausted.  The second I put her in the pack-n-play to take a little snooze, those vocal cords got quite a little workout.  Stubborn like mommy?  Clearly.

Anyways, as I got back home to get some work done that didn’t get accomplished in the office [I scooted home when she started to get fussy], she fell asleep in my arms and I took it upon myself to just put her on the couch in the TV room.  Do I win Mommy-of-the-Year award for this [especially since she’s now super mobile on her back?  You’d be surprised…]?  Absolutely not… but I wasn’t about to risk losing out on 45 minutes of peace and quiet by moving her to her crib.

Now, if only I could somehow grow a go-go-gadget arm and discover the planting method for a money tree – I would be set!

2011 Death Days

Hoss Daddy mid-squat clean in WOD #1 :: C-BOSS
A couple of us ladies rowing it out at the end of TEIGAN… ugh!

So every year we have an annual week of hell at CrossFit Ktown, commonly known around the box [gym] as “Death Days”.  If you go to and complete all five killer WOD’s [workouts], you get a t-shirt.  It’s amazing how many people who randomly show up a couple times a week will suddenly be the, totally dedicated, all for a piece of cloth.  I guess we’re all really just cheap at heart.

Anyways, I was in charge of coming up with the WOD yesterday.  It was programmed with the intention of having the rest of the non-preggo Ktown folks gain some understanding [and sympathy] for those that are with child.  

It’s amazing that I was the first preggo Crossfitter at our box and now they’re coming out of the woodworks.  I’m pretty sure there’s something in the water coming out of that fountain!  I absolutely love it!  Anyways, my WOD was named Teigan…

CrossFit Ktown Death Days WOD #3 :: TEIGAN
Rowing those glorious 2,011 meters… helloooo, monkey butt!
V-ups that were part of WOD #2 :: T-PAIN
Ben, mid-burpees, during T-PAIN

I did WOD #4 aka Miss Nasty J this morning and it was, hands down, the worst one, yet.  I can’t feel my right foot or calf, my arms, and it seriously kills my core if I laugh.  Oh well, one more day left…  I Will Survive song>

PS – Photos courtesy of CrossFit Ktown’s blog and twitter pages

Almost back to the grind…

It’s bath time, well, play time after bath time… thanks for my sweet threads, Amy!

Ahh, well the time has come… I’m heading back to work tomorrow.  Fortunately I am able to have a super flexible schedule to begin with, including the ability to work from home and bring Teigan with me to the office.  It definitely makes the transition so much easier and my appreciation for what single moms/corporate employees have to go through when they go back to work has multiplied by a million.  I am honestly the luckiest gal around!  

I hope I remember to answer the phone correctly and not lead with “Teigan’s poop shack, how may I help you?”