2011 Death Days

Hoss Daddy mid-squat clean in WOD #1 :: C-BOSS
A couple of us ladies rowing it out at the end of TEIGAN… ugh!

So every year we have an annual week of hell at CrossFit Ktown, commonly known around the box [gym] as “Death Days”.  If you go to and complete all five killer WOD’s [workouts], you get a t-shirt.  It’s amazing how many people who randomly show up a couple times a week will suddenly be the, totally dedicated, all for a piece of cloth.  I guess we’re all really just cheap at heart.

Anyways, I was in charge of coming up with the WOD yesterday.  It was programmed with the intention of having the rest of the non-preggo Ktown folks gain some understanding [and sympathy] for those that are with child.  

It’s amazing that I was the first preggo Crossfitter at our box and now they’re coming out of the woodworks.  I’m pretty sure there’s something in the water coming out of that fountain!  I absolutely love it!  Anyways, my WOD was named Teigan…

CrossFit Ktown Death Days WOD #3 :: TEIGAN
Rowing those glorious 2,011 meters… helloooo, monkey butt!
V-ups that were part of WOD #2 :: T-PAIN
Ben, mid-burpees, during T-PAIN

I did WOD #4 aka Miss Nasty J this morning and it was, hands down, the worst one, yet.  I can’t feel my right foot or calf, my arms, and it seriously kills my core if I laugh.  Oh well, one more day left…  I Will Survive song>

PS – Photos courtesy of CrossFit Ktown’s blog and twitter pages

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