One of those days…

Where’s T?

So Teigan took it upon herself to let me know that she is, in fact, an infant these past couple of days.  The unrelenting crying as soon as I take her out of my arms is the main indicator.  Exhibit A: my second day back in the office [yesterday] proved to be quite the challenge as she refused to go to sleep, even though she hadn’t slept all day and was clearly exhausted.  The second I put her in the pack-n-play to take a little snooze, those vocal cords got quite a little workout.  Stubborn like mommy?  Clearly.

Anyways, as I got back home to get some work done that didn’t get accomplished in the office [I scooted home when she started to get fussy], she fell asleep in my arms and I took it upon myself to just put her on the couch in the TV room.  Do I win Mommy-of-the-Year award for this [especially since she’s now super mobile on her back?  You’d be surprised…]?  Absolutely not… but I wasn’t about to risk losing out on 45 minutes of peace and quiet by moving her to her crib.

Now, if only I could somehow grow a go-go-gadget arm and discover the planting method for a money tree – I would be set!