Baby in a bar?

On Friday night we went and watched our good buddy’s band, Kelsey’s Woods, perform for First Friday at John Black Photography Studio in downtown Knoxville.  Gosh, they are so great.  I can’t wait ’til I can say, “I totally knew them…” and then tell stories about our buddy that I shouldn’t repeat.  Muaha!  

Post dance-off at the Kelsey’s Woods show

Anywhoselbees, after Ben, Teigan, and I jammed with them for a bit [T totally loved it], we headed over to the Downtown Grill & Brewery to hang with our CrossFit Ktown amigos to celebrate the end of Death Days week at our box.  I should mention that this place is a brewery, yes, but it’s, first and foremost, a restaurant that doesn’t allow smoking.  I was having so much fun and then some super-loser-nasty-30-something came up to me, with a serious ‘tude and said “Are you serious… a baby in a bar?”.  I was absolutely shocked and seriously could have punched her in the face.  She was clearly jealous of Teigan’s good looks – and the fact that our sweet T was getting more attention from the men than she was… poor, poor, mean, stupid woman.  Looks like I know where we’re going every Friday night, just to spite her… ha!

2 thoughts on “Baby in a bar?

  1. The Nasty One CLEARLY didn’t get a good look at T’s momma and daddy or she would have stayed clear…what was she thinking??

  2. Good thing this BFF/Aunt was nowhere in the vicinity or that Bi to the Atch would have walked out of there with 2 black eyes. And seriously, quoting Sweet Home Alabama – come up with something original already….Love you girlie. LLC.

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