Introducing… Doug’s Other Honey!

The Master Beekeeper!
For those of you who know my father-in-law aka Doug/ Grandfatha’/ Mr. Secretary/ Uncle Grandpa/ That Martini Guy, you know that he is a man of many talents and more useless knowledge than any one person should ever speak of.  He is also a man of many pet projects and hobbies, but thankfully he’s really stuck on one in particular these days – honey bees!

I tell ya, it’s a bit… interesting?… to walk into Doug & Kathy’s home seeing numerous books on “queen rearing” and “bee sex”, but it’s paying off!  Doug has finally unveiled his very own honey from the 55 hives he has in the rolling hills of East Tennessee – Doug’s Other Honey :: Raw Wild Flower Honey!  Stock up now, folks, ’cause this stuff is ahhhh-mazing!

Watch out world, we have a man on a mission… and he’s got a Gator now to prove it!
Doug’s Other Honey, available from his home to yours via Avanti Savoia!