G-Daddy’s trip

G-Daddy and Teigan
Teigan and the twins [muahaha!]

So, kind of on a whim and very last minute, my dad [aka G-Daddy] decided he just had to come and visit lil’ Teigan this past weekend.  Poor mom is still recovering from her knee-replacement surgery so she was unable to come.  Fortunately for her, Dad brought along his video camera.  ;c)

Anywho, we had an absolutely fabulous time full of car washing, ice cream eating, and relaxing.  Not sure if it’s the fact that Teigan is older and bigger, but G-Daddy was way more comfortable when I practically threw T his way so that I could make dinner… oh, who am I kidding?… we all know that means I just needed to pour a glass of vino!

Lakin’ it

The glass of vino these days is mainly because our little lady has decided she wants to be quite a bit more fussy than she used to.  I’m completely clueless as to why, other than the fact that she’s 13 weeks old today… she’s older, awake more during the day, and probably going through a growth spurt.  Regardless, it definitely makes the bringing-your-infant-to-work-Monday’s a bit more difficult.  I could be jumping the gun, but we’re thinking she could be teething, too?  Not sure, but we’ll certainly see if the doc’s say anything at her three-month appointment tomorrow.

Look at my neck control!  Bamskies!

Until then, I’m doing my best to remember just how lucky we’ve been so far with her.  Here’s to our continued success with ten-hour sleep bouts each night!

I’m going to “make dinner” now…

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