Weekend ‘o Cookouts

Despite the fact that we’ve opted out of going to the lake, we’re having a great weekend!  Our great amigos, Donny & Ashley came over for a cook-out Friday night.  Ashley is about 23 weeks preggo, so her sweet little belly just popped and little Tucker is making his way into the world.  Cannot wait to meet him!

Saturday morning I went to a wedding shower for our friend, Angie.  Her friend, Natalie, hosted the shower at her place, and let me tell you, I got inspired!  Best shower decorations, ever.  Not the annoying, tacky, ugly crap – it was totally classy and so adorable.  We’ll see if any of that inspiration actually makes it to October and November when I’m hosting two baby showers of my own…. oh, if only I had the time.

Last night we went for a cook-out and swimming at our friends Tony & Lauren’s place.  Lauren is due late November… I’m just now realizing how many pregnant people surround us; I love it!  Such a fun evening!

What will we do today?  Well, I’m bound and determined to finally [nearly three years later] get to work on our wedding photos.  I made a photo book for both sets of parents right after the wedding, but still have yet to do one of our own.  Wish me luck; this stuff tends to stress me out – so perhaps I’ll indulge in a delicious cocktail while preparing?  Too early to tell, but…. probably yes.

Until next time, a little video from a week-ish ago.  FYI – first half is the good part.  ;c)