Prayer Request

Quick note to ask all of you to be praying for our friends, BJ & MK, as they are going through an unbelievably difficult and trying time in their journey to have little ones [and not of the four-legged variety].  Some of you may remember this couple as the ones who didn’t stop dancing the entire night at our wedding… and, like, fancy ballroom dancing… show-offs

Anyways… if you have some time, take a moment to read MK’s blog – Hysterical-My Quest for  Spawn – from the beginning.  I’ve learned so much about infertility through their process and while I already know how unbelievably lucky we are to have been blessed with our absolutely adorable little girl, it definitely gives it all more perspective.

BJ & MK, we love you and we are so hopeful your little embryos will fight their way into your arms in nine short months.  To those of you reading, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and positive energy being thrown their way.

Peace, Love, and Embryo’s Baking Reeeeal Good in MK.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. I don’t know what to say except thank you. I’m blown away at the kindness and support you’ve shown us the last few months. I am very blessed to be able to call you all my friends.

    Thank you so much for the prayers. I know we will survive this journey because we have friends like you who accept us where we are in all this craziness. You don’t know what a treasure that is for us. So many couples struggling with fertility become so isolated and lost in their journey.

    Again, thank you. You guys are amazing and we love every single one of you including the furry ones!

    MK, BJ, Emma Grace, Lufie, and Gaius

  2. I went to your friends site and read it from the beginning. I cried for her, prayed for her and then cried & prayed some more when I saw her post last night. It makes me very thankful to be a mother. Thank you for sharing her blog – I’ve been feeling sick and needed a reminder that I am very blessed.

    Hope you and your adorable family are well. Please tell MK that I pray for her daily and think about her constantly – even though I don’t know her and it may make me sound psycho. 😉


  3. Lindsay,

    It doesn’t make you sound like a crazy person – at all. Her journey is such a reminder of just how lucky all of us mommy’s are. I can’t thank you enough [and I know she can’t, either] for your thoughts and prayers. It means so much.

    Hope you’re feeling better these days!

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