I swear, being back at work and not wasting my day away while being subjected to terrible daytime TV has really put a damper on my blog posting.  But, have no fear, I’m making a vested interest to get back to at least every-other-other-day…. mainly because I know you’re in absolute tears if I post less frequently.  Yeah, right!

Anyways, Teigan’s been so engaged and strong from the get-go, but it’s so fun seeing her grow up and learn more about the world.  T loves being outside listening to the sounds and looking at everything.  She still isn’t all about toys or distractions, nor does she have a particular item that she must have.  But, all those fun little goodies that we’ve received from friends and family are starting to become part of her daily routine [aka – Fussy baby?  Play in the jungle!  Sit in your pod!  Let’s go on a jog!]. 
Well, Teigan has had quite a few firsts this past week. Here’s a picture diary…
Sitting upright on her own playing in her pod 
Hanging out on her adorable bear
Playing in the jungle
Playing with her feet and toes… her new obsession, well, next to trying to shove her fist down her throat…
Watching Harry and the Henderson’s with Daddy.  Can’t you tell how much she loved it?

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