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About to leave the hospital with Daddy on May 19
Close up pre-departure into the wild world

Coming-home-from-the-hospital-outfit.  I have since found out and seriously think most people put a lot of thought into this and, quite often, it’s an outfit that you, your siblings, your parents, and your ancestors from the Mayflower all wore on that special day.  Let’s be honest, I just went with the cutest full-coverage outfit that was 0-3 months.  At the time, I didn’t own anything that was sized for Newborn.  This is funny to me now since she’s only recently fitting into 0-3 months clothes properly!

Anyways, the absolutely presh purple lamb onesie with the cutest butt ruffles you’ve ever seen is one that my mom and I picked out a couple months before Teigan was born.  I rediscovered the outfit last night and decided she needs to sleep in it, like, every other day until she grows out of it because it’s so stinkin’ cute.  I thought it would be fun to show you the difference that 3.5 months make…

Our little lady on September 1
Notice the soccer ball passy… introducing the future US Olympic Soccer Team Goalie!

3 thoughts on “Coming home threads

  1. Question…August 1 or September 1…haha, inside joke! Still think that the outfit is the cutest and you know, we thought that purple went beautifully with that totally red hair she was going to be born with…………

  2. very cute. although the outfit doesn’t look huge on her in the hospital pics… but i can tell it obviously was now from those later pics! Cant wait to meet sweet T in a few weeks!

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