Here’s to being positive!

Things that suck…
  1. Dropping a full bottle of liquid gold [man translation: breast milk] post-pumping and watching it go absolutely freaking everywhere
  2. Feeling totally overwhelmed
  3. Eating an entire bag of popcorn all by yourself
  4. Being the only house in the neighborhood with no power
  5. A flooded basement
  6. The dogs peeing on the indoor rugs because it’s piss-pouring outside
  7. A diaper explosion… in public… on the one day you don’t have a change of clothes for the babe… or you 
  8. A screaming baby in the office
  9. Staying up way past my bedtime
  10. Not getting to spend every waking moment with Ben, Teigan, and our four-legged ladies

Things that are awesome…
  1. The fact that Teigan is still getting exclusively liquid gold
  2. Being provided the opportunity to be able to juggle being a wife, mommy, daughter, sister, employee, and friend
  3. 100 calorie bags of popcorn
  4. KUB calling out a crew and having power back on within an hour of Ben calling
  5. It’s finally raining!
  6. Yankee candles
  7. Teigan doesn’t have any gas or intestinal issues… and the invention of the scarf
  8. The flexibility that my employer allows me to have with bringing a screaming baby into the office
  9. Words with Friends, People, and US Magazine
  10. Having the best little family a girl could ever ask for who all love me just for who I am

I want to EAT. HER. UP.  Seriously.  Ah, so in love…