Sweet, Fancy Teigan

So, for anyone reading this who is friends with me on facebook, you may have already seen some of these, but I know several folks who read this who aren’t… so, here’s a slew of awesome photos taken by Brittany Payne Photography of our little miss at 3.5 months old.  Enjoy!

Oh, and feel free to leave your thoughts concerning the on-going debate of redhead vs. blonde… totally a redhead, right GG Dick?!

What’s that that tastes so good?  Oh!  It’s my tutu!
Just hanging out
Such a girly girl

One of my favorites!
Smushy face!
Showing off those sweet Popeye muscles
Just the three of us!
Like a winter wonderland baby!
Same beanie I wore as a baby… awww!
So pensive!
Hoolie & Rica wanted in on the action with T, too!
Ben’s favorite picture
Such a daddy’s girl!
Look at that porcelain face!

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