4 Months Old!

Little Miss Teigan Elizabeth is four-months old [yesterday]!  

We had a happy, healthy check-up on Friday, despite the fact that she’s in the 5th percentile of weight.  ARGH.  They are so pleased, though, with her steady weight gain these past two months and ensure me that we are doing everything right and there’s no need to start supplementing with anything.  Phew.  “She’s right on track with her own curve.”  I’m pretty sure that’s what they say later in life to kids that are socially awkward or generally odd.  Thank goodness we’re only talking about weight here.  Ha!

Anywhoselbees, here are her stats:
    Age: 123 days old
    Weight: 10 lbs. 13 oz.
    Height: 23 3/4″
    Head circumference: 16″