Hangin’ out

So apparently all I upload these days are video’s, but I’ll be honest… it’s because I haven’t taken any pictures.  Gasp!  I know!  Four days without any pictures.  Worst.  Mom.  Ever.  Anywho, enjoy watching Teigan in her hiding place while I was in the kitchen baking cookies.  So presh.

Not much new to report here, other than I’ve been making a very concerted effort this week to figure out how to handle the taking-care-of-Teigan-situation once I enter my busy season at work – which is right around the corner.  Grandma [Kathy] is so gracious in offering to take Teigan one day/week right now, but we can’t consume her every moment during the week.  ;c)  

From the get-go, I’ve really leaned towards getting a part-time babysitter/nanny to watch Teigan a few days a week.  But lately, more people have been suggesting and almost encouraging me to look into traditional daycare’s.  Thousands of people do it every day, so why shouldn’t I at least look into it?  Well, I did.  How did it turn out?  Um, let’s just say that I prefer my child be with someone >19 and <75 years old, have all of their teeth, don't use the word "ain't", and don't give out the building security code to complete strangers.  I may be stretching reality a bit, but it was seriously awful.  

Lesson learned on Tuesday: traditional daycare is not for me.  So, if anyone knows anyone here locally that would be interested in helping our little familia out part-time, let me know.  I’m allll ears.  

Peace, Love, and “Ain’t” ain’t a word.