Mom-ee vs. Da-dee

A total Daddy’s girl

Thought I would share this convo our family had this morning… and actually happens everyday.  Wonder who’s pushing being the first word… ;c)

Me: “Hi Teigan!”
Teigan: “Bahhha Mahhha Ooohww”
Ben: “Teigan, say Daddy!  Da-dee. Da-dee.”
Teigan: “Owwhee Aahhh Eeeei”
Ben: “Teigan, say Daddy!  Da-dee. Da-dee.”
Me: “Ben, seriously, doesn’t Mommy get some play here?”
Ben: “Teigan, say Mommy!  Da-dee.  Da-dee.”

Funny thing is, she is way closer to saying Mommy than Daddy… even though it won’t be on purpose for another six months or so.  Ben just can’t wait.  I love it.  And I love my little family.

Hanging out… being adorable…