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FPC :: fist-pump, push-up, chapstick!

Pauly D & JWoww

So, as expected, the Jersey Shore Murder Mystery party was absolutely fantastical!  Rachael [and James] did such an amazing job putting everything together from the Club Sparkle entrance sign to the food to the bar to the Snookie skeleton in the corner… just perfect!

With the exception of spray tans and tattoo’s, Ben and I went all out.  Ben was rocking some seriously sweet high-tops [thanks to Mark] and I was sporting hair extensions [thanks to Ashley]. We had so much fun getting ready and into character.

So I know you’re all wondering who killed Snookie in the VIP room of Club Sparkle, right?  Well, JWoww [yours truly] did it!  It was so much fun making up ridiculous stories to try and cover my arse during the evening.

Obviously, big ‘ol thank you to Ashley & Donald for watching Tigger while we went out and pretended like we were 21 again.  Trying to give them as much practice as possible before Tucker gets here in less than two months!  ;c)

Auntie Ashley, Tucker [not pictured – yet], and Teigan


So, I honestly can’t express how amazing I’m feeling right now as I can hear Ben upstairs reading a story [The Little Engine that Could, to be specific] to Teigan.  I’ve been wondering when she would actually start to look forward to, appreciate, and enjoy stories… and it looks like it’s all started.  I’m gonna have to start thinking of some super creative stories… you know, ones that don’t start and end with the lyrics to MMMBop.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have our little family, each of us full of flaws, yet so perfect together.  This is what it’s all about.

Howdy, Uncle Zach!  Muchas gracias for my super-awesome bib-outfit.


So, as I said in the last blog, Teigan is all about saying “da da” these days.  Now, I know that she really has absolutely no clue what she’s saying, but we love to think that she’s just a genius baby and already figured it all out.  ;c)  Anyways, enjoy this video taken a few days ago…

Olympics, Mormons, & Munson’s… it’s SLC!

This past Saturday morning, pre-crack-of-dawn, we headed to the airport en route to Salt Lake City!  With a short layover in Atlanta and gaining a couple of hours, we got to Salt Lake City around lunchtime to see our dear friends, Ryan and Courtney, and their darling 17-month old, Reese.  

This trip was long overdue as I was just way too busy with work last year for us to make our yearly skiing trip out west.  It was the first time in six years that we saw SLC sans snow, and it’s so pretty there!  It’s the most bizarre landscaping you’ve ever seen; it’s a cross between the Phoenix desert and the California tree-covered mountains.

On Sunday we headed over to Park City and had a tour of the site where skiing, bobsledding, the skeleton, and the luge were hosted for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  It was so fun to get a little history and see the sites in person… it’s so different in real life!  Exhibit A, B… F,and G.

Watch out, 2014 Olympics, Ryan & Ben are on the their way to the top!
Teigan practicing
View from the bottom…
… and from the top!  Eeeeksters!
So stinkin’ cute!
The Munson’s!
The Slocum’s!

Sunday evening was spent with Ryan’s parents, Steve & Sue, at their place in the mountains.  It was great to see them again and Sue made Ben’s month by presenting him with his favorite dessert ever – her Scotch’a’roo’s.  De-lish!

Monday morning was spent relaxing while R & C took Reese to the doctor as the poor chica had a horrible cold [and we later found out an eye infection] the entire time we were there… boo!  Then we took the train to Gateway outdoor mall and roamed around for a few hours.  It was so nice strolling along with no real plan on a work day!  Love.  It.

Still adorbs… even when she’s so sick!  Such a trooper.

We had to leave on Tuesday afternoon and, unfortunately, due to a cancelled flight and losing a couple hours, we didn’t get home until after midnight that day.  Talk about UGH!  That aside, along with the house of sickness, we seriously had such a great time, as expected.  Ryan and Courtney have made their house the most cozy home and we fell right into rhythm, even with Teigan there… and did I mention that she turned five months old [whaaat!!!!??] while we were there?  Introducing little Teigan’s five-month pictures…


Ok, so, as promised, I’m working on the Utah trip run-down, but I couldn’t help but brag on Sweet T[ea] for a few minutes.  Not only did she grab her passy and put it in her mouth all by herself this weekend [probably totally on accident], but she also has a new favorite word – you guessed it – “da”!  Yep, as of the last 24 hours, she’s saying it constantly.  Looks like Ben’s constant encouraging, and Reese’s frequency of the word this weekend, did it!  I just love it.

So, I bet you thought that was all we could handle for a 48-hour period, but no!  So today I was sitting on the living room floor working on some baby shower goodies for a couple showers I’m hosting and, all of a sudden, I glance up and Teigan is mid-roll from her back to stomach.  Whaaaat!?  I ran out of the room to grab my phone to see if I could catch video of her rolling onto her back and I did!  Catch the awesomeness below.  

PS – After Teigan rolling over once, she’s literally done it like 14 times today.  So much for leaving her on any surface and running around to take care of things.  There goes the couch, dryer, ottoman, and bed as feasible “babysitters”…

Nada mucho

I promise to do a big-‘ol-wrap-up of our fabulous trip to Salt Lake City tonight, but until then, here are a few pictures to tide you over.  Oh, and have no fear, I totally took five-month [gasp!] pictures while there so you will see those, too.  And now, introducing our little fooseball lover!

Gives you a little perspective on how tee-tiny Teigan is!

Yeah…. …. …. Buddy!

Okay, so I have a confession.  I.  Love.  Jersey.  Shore.  There, I said it.  Lesbihonest, it’s kind of ridiculous.  Well, that, combined with my fascination of murder mystery parties, has sent me over the edge tonight.  Ben and I got our invite to an, um, can you guess?…  A Jersey-Shore-themed Murder Mystery Dinner Party!  Uhhh, are you kidding me?  Could be my dream come true!  I’m so pathetic.

So, the best part is that we have been given our “characters” for the party so we are prepared in dress, mind, thought, and adult beverage choice [aka Ron Ron Juice].  For the evening’s affairs, I will be J-Woww and Ben will be Pauly D, the hottest gorilla juicehead DJ, eva’!  

If you watch this show, you’ll understand that we pretty much got the best character’s ever!  So in case you’re wondering why I’m preoccupied these next couple weeks and not returning phone calls, well, it’s ’cause I’m at the local adult store indulging in JWoww “clothes” and getting mentally prepared to look fresh-to-death and ready to fist-pump on the battlefield all night long!

I can’t wait!  And don’t you worry… I’ll totally be posting pictures.  And who says you can’t have fun when you’re a parent…?  Sheesh.

Foodless picnic

I cannot get over the weather these days… it’s ah-mazing!  So, while I like to blame so many neighborhood walks on Teigan because “it’s witching hour”, “she’s getting fussy”, or “I swear, she just said ‘outside’,” it’s all me… I can’t get enough walks in!  

Well, after our third walk in two hours, I decided it was time to have a backyard picnic [sans food] time with all three of my girls.  Here’s how it went down: Rica sat in the perfect patch of sunlight, perfectly perched with her underbite shining brightly while “guarding” us; Hoolie laid down next to us, in the shade, and made sure we were safe by licking us; and Teigan hung out with her funny-moose-toy-bear-thingy before eventually falling asleep.  I, on the other hand, watched my ladies & wondered how in the world I got so lucky before retreating to my own version of paradise aka People Magazine.  The only thing missing was Ben… and a cocktail.

It’s Spiderwoman!

Here’s to my relaxing Sunday afternoon watching football with my hubby and baby girl.  I don’t know why, but I found this absolutely hysterical… I hope you do, too!  

Future superhero on our hands?  Duh.

Hello, Fall!

Team Slocum is absolutely l-o-v-i-n-g the weather these days!  It is so pretty out, especially in the afternoons.  I tell ya, even after six years of living here, this Houston girl still has a hard time adjusting to the chilly weather.  Anyways, Fall weather for us means fires in the fire pit aka Ben’s favorite thing on Earth.  He’s obsessed.  Not only did he have a fire this past weekend when we had friends over, but he surprised us with all the goods to make smores!  What a guy!  I know you’ll be shocked to hear that it was my very first smore.  Gasp!  I know.  I’m sure you think I was neglected a child because of this, but I promise that wasn’t the case.  I just hated marshmallows, so I was the one who put chocolate in between graham crackers, wrapped it in tin foil, and let it melt while sitting by the fire.  No more…

And now for some pictures… you’re welcome Grammy, G-Daddy, and GG’s… ;c)
All smiles!… well, that along with gums and tongue
L-o-v-i-n-g my teething giraffe from Wendy!