Foodless picnic

I cannot get over the weather these days… it’s ah-mazing!  So, while I like to blame so many neighborhood walks on Teigan because “it’s witching hour”, “she’s getting fussy”, or “I swear, she just said ‘outside’,” it’s all me… I can’t get enough walks in!  

Well, after our third walk in two hours, I decided it was time to have a backyard picnic [sans food] time with all three of my girls.  Here’s how it went down: Rica sat in the perfect patch of sunlight, perfectly perched with her underbite shining brightly while “guarding” us; Hoolie laid down next to us, in the shade, and made sure we were safe by licking us; and Teigan hung out with her funny-moose-toy-bear-thingy before eventually falling asleep.  I, on the other hand, watched my ladies & wondered how in the world I got so lucky before retreating to my own version of paradise aka People Magazine.  The only thing missing was Ben… and a cocktail.