Ok, so, as promised, I’m working on the Utah trip run-down, but I couldn’t help but brag on Sweet T[ea] for a few minutes.  Not only did she grab her passy and put it in her mouth all by herself this weekend [probably totally on accident], but she also has a new favorite word – you guessed it – “da”!  Yep, as of the last 24 hours, she’s saying it constantly.  Looks like Ben’s constant encouraging, and Reese’s frequency of the word this weekend, did it!  I just love it.

So, I bet you thought that was all we could handle for a 48-hour period, but no!  So today I was sitting on the living room floor working on some baby shower goodies for a couple showers I’m hosting and, all of a sudden, I glance up and Teigan is mid-roll from her back to stomach.  Whaaaat!?  I ran out of the room to grab my phone to see if I could catch video of her rolling onto her back and I did!  Catch the awesomeness below.  

PS – After Teigan rolling over once, she’s literally done it like 14 times today.  So much for leaving her on any surface and running around to take care of things.  There goes the couch, dryer, ottoman, and bed as feasible “babysitters”…