Olympics, Mormons, & Munson’s… it’s SLC!

This past Saturday morning, pre-crack-of-dawn, we headed to the airport en route to Salt Lake City!  With a short layover in Atlanta and gaining a couple of hours, we got to Salt Lake City around lunchtime to see our dear friends, Ryan and Courtney, and their darling 17-month old, Reese.  

This trip was long overdue as I was just way too busy with work last year for us to make our yearly skiing trip out west.  It was the first time in six years that we saw SLC sans snow, and it’s so pretty there!  It’s the most bizarre landscaping you’ve ever seen; it’s a cross between the Phoenix desert and the California tree-covered mountains.

On Sunday we headed over to Park City and had a tour of the site where skiing, bobsledding, the skeleton, and the luge were hosted for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  It was so fun to get a little history and see the sites in person… it’s so different in real life!  Exhibit A, B… F,and G.

Watch out, 2014 Olympics, Ryan & Ben are on the their way to the top!
Teigan practicing
View from the bottom…
… and from the top!  Eeeeksters!
So stinkin’ cute!
The Munson’s!
The Slocum’s!

Sunday evening was spent with Ryan’s parents, Steve & Sue, at their place in the mountains.  It was great to see them again and Sue made Ben’s month by presenting him with his favorite dessert ever – her Scotch’a’roo’s.  De-lish!

Monday morning was spent relaxing while R & C took Reese to the doctor as the poor chica had a horrible cold [and we later found out an eye infection] the entire time we were there… boo!  Then we took the train to Gateway outdoor mall and roamed around for a few hours.  It was so nice strolling along with no real plan on a work day!  Love.  It.

Still adorbs… even when she’s so sick!  Such a trooper.

We had to leave on Tuesday afternoon and, unfortunately, due to a cancelled flight and losing a couple hours, we didn’t get home until after midnight that day.  Talk about UGH!  That aside, along with the house of sickness, we seriously had such a great time, as expected.  Ryan and Courtney have made their house the most cozy home and we fell right into rhythm, even with Teigan there… and did I mention that she turned five months old [whaaat!!!!??] while we were there?  Introducing little Teigan’s five-month pictures…

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