FPC :: fist-pump, push-up, chapstick!

Pauly D & JWoww

So, as expected, the Jersey Shore Murder Mystery party was absolutely fantastical!  Rachael [and James] did such an amazing job putting everything together from the Club Sparkle entrance sign to the food to the bar to the Snookie skeleton in the corner… just perfect!

With the exception of spray tans and tattoo’s, Ben and I went all out.  Ben was rocking some seriously sweet high-tops [thanks to Mark] and I was sporting hair extensions [thanks to Ashley]. We had so much fun getting ready and into character.

So I know you’re all wondering who killed Snookie in the VIP room of Club Sparkle, right?  Well, JWoww [yours truly] did it!  It was so much fun making up ridiculous stories to try and cover my arse during the evening.

Obviously, big ‘ol thank you to Ashley & Donald for watching Tigger while we went out and pretended like we were 21 again.  Trying to give them as much practice as possible before Tucker gets here in less than two months!  ;c)

Auntie Ashley, Tucker [not pictured – yet], and Teigan

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