You heard it here first!

So we have had one heck of a past five days.  My parents decided, with short notice, to come out to Knoxville for a few days!  Let’s be honest, we can all blame Teigan for this surprise trip, but really, this had a bit of a secret agenda to go along with it.  You heard it here first… my parents are building a home in Knoxville!  Yep.  Home.  Here.  in Knoxville!  We are so excited to have them in town when they move late next year.  The land has been purchased, the plans for the house are nearing completion with the architect, and the contractor is chomping on the bits to start construction.  YAY, G-Daddy & Grammy!

Date night to Josh Kelley & Lady A!

So anyways, since my parents were here in town, we decided to utilize them as babysitters on Friday night while Ben and I had a date night to our favorite little hang-out in town, Public House, before heading to the Josh Kelley & Lady Antebellum concert!  We had such an amazing night and were so thankful to have a long night to ourselves.  It was all good, of course, until Josh played a song he wrote for his little girl, Naleigh Moon, at which time, Ben and I both were practically in tears and missing our little lady.  Josh must have known this, though, as he transitioned into the Fresh Prince of Bell-air theme song.  Soon after that, Lady Antebellum came on stage and they were fantastic.

Lady A… not too shabby, eh?

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend!  Until next time, Grammy and G-Daddy…

And now, to continue my list of random things I’m thankful for this month.  Again, these are all things not including the obvious #1’s which are my amazing little family, my equally amazing extended family, fabulous friends, and the little guy at European Alterations who makes my clothes look so good…

1: Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream
2: My insanely awesome, eclectic, and cultured scarf collection
3: Crazy cool technology to take pictures & videos of our sweet little lady with
4: Clean sheets
5: I can wear my sick pool of Doc Marten’s again – they’re back in!
6: Yankee candles
7: EZ Off Oven Cleaner [story on this to come soon]
8: Made-for-TV Christmas movies
9: Hot water
10: Girl Scout cookies
11: Spearmint Chapstick

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  1. Yay! So very glad it’s all official! Congratulations to your parents! Teigan is going to be so happy to have both sets of grandparents to help guilt-trip you and Ben! Go, T, Go!

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