Sweet, clean oven…

This could go down as the most random post, ever, maybe… but I just have to tell you how amazing Easy Off Oven Cleaner is.  I know, I know, you’re like, seriously?!, but yeah, seriously, I’m obsessed.  Ashley told me about it, but to be honest, I really didn’t think it would work for our oven.  It’s the Whirpool oven that’s original with the house [hellooo, 1946] and it had years of disgustingness caked on the inside.  I love the way it looks on the outside and always despised the inside, but I thought, oh well, if someone sees it, they’ll know how old it is and not think less of me.  Well, I was starting to think less of myself, especially since I’m a totally obsessive clean-freak.  So, on Sunday before my parents left, I did a little science experiment – and it worked!  Kind of in-love with this stuff.  And by “kind-of”, I mean “totally and completely”.

Before… I know, I know, try not to throw-up in your mouth…

My list of random things I’m thankful for this month – continued.  Again, these are all things not including the obvious #1’s which are my amazing little family, my equally amazing extended family, fabulous friends, and the little guy at European Alterations who makes my clothes look so good…

1: Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream
2: My insanely awesome, eclectic, and cultured scarf collection
3: Crazy technology to take pictures & videos of our sweet little lady with – and share with fam
4: Clean sheets
5: I can wear my sick pool of Doc Marten’s again – they’re back in!
6: Yankee candles
7: Easy Off Oven Cleaner
8: Made-for-TV Christmas movies
9: Hot water
10: Girl Scout cookies
11: Spearmint Chapstick
12: Vanilla-scented anything
13: Bleach wipes
14: Vacuum’s
15: Hot Toddy’s, specifically grandpa’s recipe