Happy 1/2 Birthday, Teigan!

I’m six months old!
Outfit 1 today – pre blow-out

Hard to believe the day has come [and mostly gone]… Teigan is six months old!  I can’t even begin tell you how blessed we feel to have this little lady in our lives.  We love her so much and don’t know how we ever could have lived our lives without her.  Her gummy smile absolutely melts our heart and the constant chatty-ness and giggles are enough to keep us laughing for hours.  

Outfit 2 today  ;c)

Don’t get me wrong, though, her poop stinks – and I’m not afraid to tell her that… especially during the lovely blow-out we had today.  Phewweee!  Like father [and G-Daddy], like daughter.

We’re pretty excited for tomorrow morning as Teigan has her six-month check-up!  We’ve been working on the whole gaining weight thing ever since we got that “5% percentile in weight” report at her four-month appointment.  Well, thanks to pumping, and in the incorporation of some formula, I think we’ve done a pretty good job beefing her up… and she seems to be enjoying her new Popeye bod.  Flaunt it, girl, flaunt it.