Happy Thanksgiving!
I think my cherry pie had a lot to do with Texas winning that evening 

One year ago, we all sat around the Thanksgiving table throwing around names of our soon-to-be little one.  Not only did we not know the sex of the baby at the time, but talking about “one year from now, we’ll have a baby here at the table with us” seemed so surreal.  Well, the time came and it’s the first significant time we had a reference in time to go back to.  So amazing how quickly time has gone by!  

This Thanksgiving, and every day, we could not be more thankful for our absolutely amazing daughter.  Teigan, be glad we didn’t name you Peileg like Crazy Aunt Cindy was encouraging us to do!

Crazy Aunt Cindy hiding behind her niece, once removed [how historically accurate of me!]

My brother, Matt, has been in town for about a week now and we’ve had the best time.  He played babysitter on Monday & Tuesday while Ben & I worked.  He had quite the time – changing his first diaper, being spit up on, enduring a pre-feeding crying attack, and exhausting 2,000 calories in 10 minutes while doing his best effort to keep Teigan entertained.  Poor girl is like mama… gets bored far too quickly.  It’s been so great having him here and we’re totally bummed he’s heading out today.  Thank goodness Christmas is only a few weeks away!

Uncle Matty & Uncle Z-man
Loving that beard
Sibling love

As most holidays go with the Slocum’s, I find myself feeling sub-par since I’m not some sort of artist, unless sarcasm artist counts.  I am surrounded by the most amazing talent with this family – musicians, painters, carvers, singers, photographers, and actors.  Maybe one day I’ll learn to sing something without making ears bleed.  Sigh.  Anyways, I sincerely hope Teigan picks up on some of these gifts.

Watching the stellar pool players

My list of random things I’m thankful for this month – continued.  Again, these are all things not including the obvious #1’s which are my amazing little family, my equally amazing extended family, fabulous friends, and the little guy at European Alterations who makes my clothes look so good…

1: Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream
2: My insanely awesome, eclectic, and cultured scarf collection
3: Crazy technology to take pictures & videos of our sweet little lady with – and share with fam
4: Clean sheets
5: I can wear my sick pool of Doc Marten’s again – they’re back in!
6: Yankee candles
7: Easy Off Oven Cleaner
8: Made-for-TV Christmas movies
9: Hot water
10: Girl Scout cookies
11: Spearmint Chapstick
12: Vanilla-scented anything
13: Bleach wipes
14: Vacuum’s
15: Hot Toddy’s, specifically grandpa’s recipe
16: Brand new socks
17: Fun, sassy decor pillows
18: Crossfit Ktown… duh!
19: ABC Family’s 25 Days ’til Christmas movie series
20: My nose ring
21: Ironman watches
22: Sonicare toothbrushes
23: Vacation days from work
24: Cutting down my own Christmas tree
25: Razor’s
26: My flat iron