Thanksgiving, cont…

An annoyingly ridiculous amount of pictures from our lazy holiday week[end]!
Uncle Vito!
Family photo op

Hanging out, making dinner… in a jean shorts apron
Is Uncle Z-man giving her vino?

Check out my awesome Christmas stocking!
T & Uncle Matty… with Hoolie & Rica fighting behind 

Helping mommy bake

Hanging with Jess & Bryce at the kiln opening

Loving on Lynn while Ian sang to her
Teigan loves her GG Dick!
Uncle Z-man teaching T how to play pool

My list of random things I’m thankful for this month – continued [only a couple more days!].  Again, these are all things not including the obvious #1’s which are my amazing little family, my equally amazing extended family, fabulous friends, and the little guy at European Alterations who makes my clothes look so good…

1: Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream
2: My insanely awesome, eclectic, and cultured scarf collection
3: Crazy technology to take pictures & videos of our sweet little lady with – and share with fam
4: Clean sheets
5: I can wear my sick pool of Doc Marten’s again – they’re back in!
6: Yankee candles
7: Easy Off Oven Cleaner
8: Made-for-TV Christmas movies
9: Hot water
10: Girl Scout cookies
11: Spearmint Chapstick
12: Vanilla-scented anything
13: Bleach wipes
14: Vacuum’s
15: Hot Toddy’s, specifically grandpa’s recipe
16: Brand new socks
17: Fun, sassy decor pillows
18: Crossfit Ktown… duh!
19: ABC Family’s 25 Days ’til Christmas movie series
20: My nose ring
21: Ironman watches
22: Sonicare toothbrushes
23: Vacation days from work
24: Cutting down my own Christmas tree
25: Razor’s
26: My flat iron
27: Alarm clocks… specifically, the snooze button
28: Intelligent reading, you know, like People magazine