Ode to Scramball

Scramball… the lost art of the early 1990’s.  Seriously, this could be the best game ever invented.  I received it at my 10th birthday party and it’s the gift that never stopped giving.  Every year, without fail, we play this game at least once.  It tends to get a little intense and, most often, draws blood.  That’s us Kreider’s… Scramball is serious shiznit.  

Official cheerleaders
Yes, she’s in short sleeves and shoes without socks… hello, Houston weather!

But, of course, we finished off the game with a little sneak attack silly string on Matt… and subsequent cannon ball sneak attack on Ben.  Total success!

It was way more thrilling than this picture details, I promise.

Matt definitely got Ben [and T] wet

I have to ask, does anyone else play or remember Scramball?  I’m going to bring it back.  For realz.