Shorts & tank top… it’s a H-town Christmas!

So, back to Christmas, I wanted to continue with our many holiday travels.  After going to Chi-town to see Ben’s side of the family, we flew to Houston to spend Christmas evening the next few days with my family.  We are so excited to have Mom and Dad move to East Tennessee in the next year or so, but Ben and I are really bummed that we won’t have their current home to retreat to.  We feel so relaxed there… but, I’m sure that has all to do with company and mindset rather than a foundation, wood, and brick.  Anyways, the days spent here can basically be summarized with the following words…

1. Family

Teigan and Uncle Matty
Dad and Matt
Me and the Mamasita
Yes, that’s a strapless sun dress on December 30

2. Friends

Auntie Kat & T
Laura, Jeff, and I… way too long since our last reunion as a three-some
Meredith & I pre-dance session in the middle of Memorial Park

3. Playing :: See Ode to Scramball.  When we weren’t playing Scramball, we were non-stop playing with Matt’s new remote-control helicopter, getting mani’s/pedi’s, playing with Skeeter & Scrubs, watching Teigan crawl around [backwards], hot tubbin’, and playing with Dad’s awesome train set.

The opening of the coveted remote-control helicopter [good call on the gift, Kathy!]

4. King Tut! :: Yeah, we totally went to the Museum of Fine Art to check out the King Tutankhamen exhibit.  It was amazing.  Who knew they kept body parts inside sculptures?  So bizarre, yet wildly fascinating.  We couldn’t help but think about what people would think of our lifestyle 4,000 years in the future…

King Tut wanna-be’s

All in all, we had a relaxing, much needed Christmas break – in all three cities.  We are so thankful for our wonderful families who take us in – teething baby, and all.  We love all of you!

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